2016 Annual Report

Texas Baptists Cooperative Program

Sending our hearts where our feet will never go

Where Does It Go?

  • 3,000+ Worldwide Missionaries
  • 159 BSM Missionaries on 115 Campuses
  • River Ministry/Mexico
  • Texas Baptists Missionaries
  • 463 Go Now Missionaries
  • Texas Baptist Men
  • Bounce (Student Disaster Recovery)
  • Hispanic Ministries
  • African American Ministries
  • Intercultural Ministries
  • Evangelism
  • Discipleship
  • Bible Study
  • Church Starting
  • Music & Worship
  • Church Architecture
  • Student Ministry
  • Interim Church Services
  • 800+ Endorsed Chaplains
  • Counseling 
  • 9 Texas Baptist Universities and Schools
  • 7 Baptist Hospitals & Health Foundations
  • 5 Child / Elder Care Ministries
  • Accounting
  • Technology 
  • Human Resources 
  • News
  • Web & Social Media
  • Marketing 
  • Design
  • Ethics & Justice
  • Social Issues Advocacy
  • Public Policy
  • Hunger & Community Care

Executive Director’s Team

David Hardage, Executive Director, is responsible for guiding Texas Baptists’ ministry overall. Seven areas of work report directly to him.

  • Texas Baptist Missions Foundation assisted 5,013 donors making 13,376 gifts totaling over $5,000,000 to help with ministry needs in Texas
  • The Communications Team shared the Texas Baptists story more than 1 million times through web, social media, and print publications
  • Church Administration and Special Projects assisted over 270 churches with legal, financial and HR issues, helped develop 24 emerging church leaders, and guided the Texas Baptists Golf Classic in raising over $14,500 for Texas Baptists Counseling Services
  • Explored unique ways to reach population growth in the Houston and San Antonio areas
  • Helped fund administrative and operational costs of Texas Baptist Men’s many ministries, such as disaster relief
  • Raised awareness of and commitment to Texas Baptists CP giving for local and global missions
  • Texas Baptists Historical Collection, continuing its work of recording and preserving the rich history of Texas Baptists from its new home in Waco, developed a partnership with Baylor University to digitize its holdings

Associate Executive Director’s Team

Under the leadership of Steve Vernon, the Associate Executive Director’s Office each year helps every Texas Baptists church touch millions of lives of all ages and cultures.

  • 1 out of every 12 Texans was touched in some way through the 28 Texas Baptists education and human care ministries
  • $8.26 million helped fund the college education of 45,880 students, both undergrad and graduate levels
  • Ministerial Financial Assistance was granted to help train the next generation of pastors and ministers, 676 graduate students and 951 undergrad students
  • $2.71 million, in addition to the millions of dollars spent on charitable care by partners of Texas Baptists, helped those needing care in one of our 9 child and human care institutions 
  • Ethnic ministry, working with 101 associations of churches across the state – whether African American, Hispanic or other global cultures – was initiated in 69 languages through our Cultural Engagement Team, and is a vital part of the DNA of every Texas Baptists ministry 
  •  Endorsement of more than 850 chaplains across the world to the military, hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, crisis response, restorative justice, industrial, public safety and other areas needing chaplaincy service
  • BaptistWay Press published literature used in 994 churches

Treasurer/CFO’s Team

Jill Larsen, Treasurer/CFO, oversees the business affairs of the Executive Board and Texas Baptists (BGCT) with the goal of the most far-reaching, effective and efficient ministry support possible.

  • Accurate processing of contributions, gifts and payments 
  • Administrative support of the Convention’s mission 
  • Effective conference and event planning
  • IT equipment and support for more productive ministry support
  • Well-managed building operations and support services
  • Effective and legally compliant HR functions

The Treasurer’s team also manages income of $4.4 million from designated endowments provided by generous donors to Texas Baptists CP or specific ministries. With these investments, 14% of our 2016 spending had already been met before the budget year began.

Collegiate Ministry Team (or Texas BSM)

The Collegiate Ministry Team (or Texas BSM) seeks to engage more than 1.5 million Texas college students to follow Christ and transform the world.

  • Students connected with over 155 missionaries on 114 of 175+ Texas campuses 
  • 124,248 students were reached through welcome week 99-cent steak nights, luncheons, outreach activities across campus, airport welcomes for international students, and more
  • 10,521 students were involved weekly in BSM
  • 2,693 students were enlisted and trained as leaders to invest and serve in the lives of other students
  • 556 Go Now Missionaries were sent around the globe, and over 5,857 students were engaged in missions at home and abroad  
  • Over 626 churches were assisted in their ministry to engage students
  • Each BSM was supported by prayer through ABIDE (annual student prayer retreat), Pause & Pray (weekly email newsletter), and a 40-day prayer experience encouraged each fall

Roughly 10% of all college and university students in Texas are touched through BSM.

Missions Team

Of course, every team within the Texas Baptists organization is involved in missions work, but the Missions Team itself is the specialized unit which connects churches and individuals with mission opportunities, border and Mexico missions, student disaster recovery trips, and financial resources and training. 

Its work in the field is supported primarily by gifts made through Mary Hill Davis and other offerings, with CP giving providing the support necessary to allow the Missions Team to undertake its projects in Texas and worldwide.


People Touched:  492,398    Professions of Faith:  4,657

  • River Ministry reached out to 30,831 people resulting in 1,528 professions of faith
  • Multi-housing/Organic Church ministries touched 351,322 people with 2,417 professions of faith
  • Church Based Missions Sending engaged 24,688 people, 114 of whom professed faith in Jesus Christ
  • Texas Baptists Missionaries ministered to 69,676 people with 6 professing faith in Jesus
  • Key Church/Minister of Missions projects touched 15,881 individuals with 592 of those making professions of faith
  • MAP, the Missionary Adoption Program, partnering U.S. churches with churches in other countries, is jointly sponsoring 11 missionaries in Brazil and is developing partners in Mexico
  • Bounce engaged 811 participants to complete approximately 74 ministry projects in 5 disaster-affected areas

Great Commission Team

The Great Commission Team brings Evangelism, Discipleship and Music & Worship under one umbrella to help churches train believers and reach unbelievers of all ages.


In 2016, more than 17,000 ministers and laypersons received leadership training through the GCT. 

  • Evangelism trained 12,946 participants through events such as [un]Apologetic, ENGAGE, Congreso and Super Summer 
  • Discipleship provided training for 2,508 Texas Baptists in specialized events including Childhood & Family Ministry Summit, Special Friends Retreats, Bible Drill and Boomer Conferences
  • 433 youth ministers and workers from 243 churches attended the annual Youth Ministry Conclave conference
  • More than 1,200 were trained through Music & Worship events impacting ministry in over 130 churches
  • The Singing Men and Singing Women of Texas presented over 100 concerts ministering to people in churches, prisons and retirement centers throughout Texas, Missouri, New England and Ukraine

Connections Team

The Connections Team is the primary intersect between pastors and the array of resources and ministries available through Texas Baptists.

  • Work was done with 404 new church plants
  • The Church Planting Center concept launched in 2016 saw 5 residents complete the pilot and start churches in January 2017 with 5 more CPCs planned for 2017
  • 9,548 contacts were made by 10 Area Reps with 4,800 different churches 
  • Area Reps and Interim Church Services made contact with 230 pastorless churches
  • 8 training events were conducted for new and current interim pastors
  • Texas Baptists Counseling Services received over 600 contacts regarding mental health issues, financially assisted over 70 ministers and their families with counseling or retreats, and added 20 new counselors to its network
  • Church Architecture assisted 366 churches through 1,335 activities in developing their properties and facilities for more effective ministry
  • 307 open church positions and 432 minister profiles were posted on the Minister Connection website
  • More than 200 Bivocational pastors and key leaders were equipped, encouraged and motivated through 6 training and fellowship events, with 10 receiving formal theological training

Cultural Engagement Team

The Cultural Engagement Team is Texas Baptists’ portal to ministry with the myriad people groups in Texas. Through African American, Hispanic and Intercultural Ministries, Texas Baptists churches are reaching around the world, beginning right here in Texas.

A FEW RESULTS FROM CP INVESTMENT OF $1.22 Million (Additional funds for cultural outreach are distributed throughout the Texas Baptists budget.)
Hispanic Ministries
  • Impacted more than 300 congregations and over 5,000 leaders through the Entrena-T School of Leadership, a Hispanic Leadership Conference, and other training sessions
  • Trained 80 churches and 70 schools in Raising Highly Capable Kids leading to 39 groups in 13 schools and 15 churches, and awarded $51,000 in college scholarships for Hispanic Baptist students
African American Ministries
  • Trained 137 leaders from 31 churches to make a difference in their churches, communities and beyond
  • Impacted the lives of 286 African American youth, 40 of whom made decisions to follow Christ
  • Held a June conference for 300 participants, 100 of whom made Christ known in verbal witness and community service projects in North Dallas
Intercultural Ministries
  • Provided training and resources to over 300 churches speaking more than 69 different languages and dialects, working to reach the nations whose people are consistently becoming Texas residents
  • Reached over 300 Asian and African youth through Camp Fusion
  • Developed Project Start, a refugee resource referral ministry in one of the most densely populated refugee areas of Texas

Christian Life Commission (CLC)

The Christian Life Commission (CLC) helps Texas Baptists apply their faith to life through Ethics and Justice, Public Policy, and Hunger and Care Ministries. The Bible serves as the foundation for every aspect of this transformative work.

  • Work was done to lay the foundation for legislative session with meetings on issues of criminal justice, payday lending and other legislative priorities
  • A new approach was developed to Christian ethics for use in Texas Baptists churches
  • More than $750,000 was raised to fund and administer 192 hunger relief and development projects around the world
  • Support was given to 5 prison ministries, 2 deaf and special needs projects, 1 health clinic, and 10 community development projects in Texas
  • 84 families were helped to obtain legal immigration relief through permanent residence, naturalization, deferred action for childhood arrivals, religious worker visas, employment authorization cards and legal counsel
  • Work was done influence legislation to improve criminal justice system and protect the poor and vulnerable, including the unborn, victims of human trafficking, and foster kids