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Church Partnerships Available in Maine

Texas Baptist churches are being offered the chance to forward the Kingdom of God in one of the darkest corners of our nation by partnering with three local churches in Maine.

New England is not the bastion of evangelical culture that it is often thought to be: roughly 97% of Maine’s population of 1.3 million has no relationship with Christ Jesus. A scant 23 congregations comprise the Maine Baptist Association, and as such, these churches bear a massive weight of responsibility for the spiritual state of their communities. What’s more, the three following congregations each have unique burdens of their own, ranging from financial struggles to sickness within their leadership.

Kennebec Community Church (KCC)
KCC was planted in 2005. For the past eight years, this congregation has flourished from only a handful of attendees to more than 180. They have averaged 35 baptisms a year, are active in their community, have a good reputation amongst their neighbors, and have even planted two other churches. Sadly, however, the building they are leasing only seats about 85, and they have had to establish three Sunday services in order to accommodate their attendance.

With continued growth foremost in their minds, the members of KCC have sought out a new building for their church home. The property they are looking to purchase was formerly a Catholic church and is being offered for $585,000 (less than half its valued price).

Farmington Baptist Church (FBC)
FBC has been serving their community for 26 years. Two years ago, they were running 225 in attendance, but on April 3, 2011, their pastor, Earl Edgerly, suffered a stroke. For a while after this tragedy, they shrank back to only 60 weekly attendees, but have since recovered to about 100. Church leadership is now seeking a bi-vocational pastor, able to work ¾ to full time.

FBC is seeking support for their prospective pastor, whom they hope to pay $1000-$1500 a month for 18-24 months. This will give them time and financial space to pay off their building’s mortgage and then begin providing their pastor’s salary themselves.

Living Water Community Church (LWCC)
After 18 months with an interim minister, LWCC is also seeking to hire a new pastor. The relocation of many local companies gutted this congregation’s leadership and lowered their average membership from 130 to 40. What’s more, the extreme cold of New England winters drives the average church’s heating bill up to $3000 a month.

LWCC will need help for about 18-24 months with their pastor’s salary, which will be $1000-$1500 a month.

If your church is interested in committing to a long-term relationship with any of these three congregations, contact Marla Bearden at marla.bearden@texasbaptists.org or 214-828-5382 or Gerald Davis at gerald.davis@texasbaptists.org or 214-828-5392 at Texas Baptists Disaster Recovery.


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