Texas Baptists Aid Syrian Refugees

Texas Baptists are partnering with Conscience International (CI) to deliver life-saving survival materials to the victims of the Syrian conflict, both within Syria itself and in refugee camps in surrounding nations. You can help us minister to these survivors by giving financially to Conscience International.

What Happened?

The millions of refugees now pouring out of Syria and into the surrounding nations are the common folk of Syria, unengaged in the conflict and crushed between their oppressive government and the equally deadly rebel armies. Almost 2 million Syrians have fled their homeland, while over 4 million displaced persons remain trapped in the country. About half of those requiring immediate humanitarian aid (over 3 million people) are children.

James Jennings, the president of Conscience International, has kept his organization engaged in the Syrian crisis for over a year now. During 2012, CI teams distributed blankets, quilts, and hygiene kits containing basic necessities to hundreds of refugee families. But, despite the labors of CI and similar organizations, however, war continues to batter the nation of Syria. “Aleppo is the second largest city in Syria, after Damascus,” said Jennings, “And right now it looks like Berlin after World War II.”

What is Being Done?

Texas Baptists is assisting Conscience International in mobilizing supplies to provide for the immediate and ongoing needs of Syrian refugees. We are presently gathering funds to provide medicine for Syrian refugee children in Turkey, food for urban refugees in Lebanon, and blankets and hygiene kits for Syrian refugee families in Jordan.

As winter sets in and the risk of life-threatening disease increases, Conscience International is also planning to send another shipment of medication to these refugee camps in December 2013. $105,000 is still needed to ship these supplies.

What Can I Do?

You can contribute directly to Syrian refugees’ needs by giving to Conscience International! Simply go to www.conscienceinternational.org/donate and give. Gifts can be given via credit card, PayPal, or check. These funds will help us keep Syrian refugees safe and healthy as they try to rebuild.

To learn more about Conscience International and their work in Syria, visit www.conscienceinternational.org.

If you have questions about Texas Baptist Disaster Recovery efforts in Syria or elsewhere, contact Marla Bearden at 214-828-5382 or marla.bearden@texasbaptists.org or Gerald Davis at 214-828-5392 or gerald.davis@texasbaptists.org at Texas Baptists Disaster Recovery.


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