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Estimated Cost of a “United We Build” Campaign

Most churches will spend less than 3-5% of the total commitments for a United We Build campaign. The following cost items are estimates based on what churches are currently spending.

Cost Items

Brochure – The church will design and print a brochure that explains the purpose of the campaign and how each church member can be involved. It should be a professionally produced, attention-getting item. The number of brochures printed should equal 2 times the number of church families.

Banquet – The banquet is an opportunity for the church to gather for food, fun, fellowship, information, and inspiration. It should be a quality event that allows everyone to participate. This is usually best achieved at an off-site location. Costs vary widely depending on community standards. The goal is to have the equivalent of the Sunday morning attendance at the banquet. .

Publicity and Miscellaneous Items – This includes newsletters, publicity items, postage, Spiritual Preparation Workbooks, refreshments, etc.

Campaign Fee – Each church will pay a fee for using United We Build. The fee is based on the budget of the church and covers the Consultant Expenses. The fee is usually lower than those charged by commercial companies.

For a complete no-cost, no-obligation presentation of United We Build to your church leadership, contact us at 214-828-5264 or 888-244-9400.


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