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Hundreds of groups offer training for ministers, but only a few provide accredited degree programs. Accreditation insures the student that the training they are receiving has met rigorous standards established by the academic community. Students are assured that they are getting legitimate training that will be recognized by other accredited institutions.

Texas Baptists have nine institutions of higher education that have met these standards under a variety of recognize accrediting agencies. Training for ministers is offered at various levels depending on the student’s academic background and goals in ministry preparation:

  • A Certificate in Ministry is awarded after 18 one-hour entry-level courses which can also be used toward an associate or bachelors degree.
  • Associate degrees in ministry provide a two-year college degree with a balance of ministry courses and general studies.
  • Theological University bachelors degrees focus on training ministers and offer a heavier concentration in biblical studies with a core of general education courses.
  • Bachelors degrees in a liberal arts university offer majors and minors in biblical and ministry fields in the context of a liberal arts program.
  • University graduate degrees are usually one or two years in length and focus in a specific discipline within religion and Christian ministry. They may be designed as a practical ministry degree or a graduate degree to prepare a student for post graduate studies.
  • Seminaries focus on graduate professional degrees, primarily the Master of Divinity. This three year degree gives the student broad preparation for practical Christian ministry and also allows students to focus on specific areas of ministry within the degree.
  • University and Seminary post-graduate degrees may focus on preparation for academic research and teaching (Ph.D.) or on practical vocational church ministry (D.Min., Ph.D., Ed.D.).

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Two outstanding graduate programs offering professional degrees


Undergraduate, graduate, and post graduate theological education

Certificate In Ministry

Entry-level ministry training at the college level


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