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The Study

Here, in The Study, you’ll find a wide variety of online Bible-study tools and resources to assist you in your weekly preparation & study, and which you can share with others to assist them in becoming “discovery learners”.


Effective Evangelistic Churches – Thom Rainer – Part research project, part detective story, this book presents results from the most comprehensive study of successful churches in history.

High Expectations – Thom Rainer – The Remarkable Secret for Keeping People in Your Church.

Online Tools

BaptistWay Press - curriculum, resources, Bible Study tools

Church Teams - Group Finder small group software allows your small group leaders to post their attendance and group notes from their home or workplace over the Internet, and allows those searching for a small group in their vicinity to locate your church’s groups.

Fellowship Church

Healthy Church Tools – Strengthen your church by listening – Having a solid baseline of accurate and objective information from your entire church

LifeWay Christian Resources

National Back to Church Sunday – September 16, 2012 – Promotional Video

North Point Community Church

Saddleback Church Small Group Resources

Small Groups.com Resources

Willow Creek Association Resources – BGCT Bible Study/Discipleship team is the Texas area contact for Willow Creek Association.

Willow Creek Community Church

Other Resources

Transformational Teaching Planning Guide – use this tool as you plan a lesson designed to help your participants DISCOVER the truths in God’s word.  Discovery teaching is so much more powerful, the learning lasts longer, and the impact is greater. As you lead them to uncover the great truths of God’s Word on their own, you’ll see for yourself how powerful this tool can be!

How to find and enroll prospects for your Sunday School (PDF)

How to find evangelistic prospects for your church (PDF)

Teach your Adult Sunday School Class how to mark their New Testament with the Roman Road (PDF)

How to Evaluate Preschool & Children Curriculum (PDF)

How to Evaluate Youth Curriculum (PDF)

How to Evaluate Adult Literature (PDF)

How to have an Evangelistic Vacation Bible School (PowerPoint)

Introducing BaptistWay Press (PowerPoint)