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As more churches want their leadership to reflect the population of their congregations, more women are able to answer their call into ministry.

Recognizing that God has always called women into vocational ministry and realizing that Baptists have been blessed over the years by the ministry of women who accepted the call of God to become missionaries, chaplains, teachers, professors and to serve in local church staff positions, the Baptist General Convention of Texas offers support and encouragement for all women who are in vocational ministries, to those who sense a call to vocational ministry, and to those involved in the support and training of present and future women in ministry.

We also want to affirm our churches who recognize God’s call in the lives of women and have given women the opportunity to serve God in the way they feel called.


Seeking the Word & Will of God (pdf)
Dr. James C. Denison
President of Center for Informed Faith

Practical Questions (pdf)
A discussion of Biblical Considerations for Women in Ministry
Todd D. Still Ph.D.,
Associate Professor of Christian Scriptures, Truett Seminary

Baptist Women in the US (pdf)
A Selected Bibliography from 1970 to 2005

The Ordination of Women (pdf)
Ann Miller
Director of Pastoral Care for Cook Children’s Hospital


Biblical Basis for Women
Dr. Dowd
Associate Professor of Religion, Baylor University
Dr. Dowd speaks on the biblical basis for women in ministry based on the Pauline tradition. >> Watch Video

Biblical Imperatives for Women in Ministry
Dr. George Mason
Senior Pastor of Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas
Dr. George Mason speaks on a pastorial perspective as to the role of women in ministry in today’s culture. >> Watch Video