The Evangelism Team of the BGCT exists to encourage Texas Baptists and their churches in the Biblical mandate of reaching our generation for Christ. Through the vehicles of encouragement, training and events, the Evangelism Team seeks to help leaders develop strategies in intentional and relational evangelism.

Church Evangelism

Explore the numerous resources the BGCT provides to help your church learn more about how to reach your community for Christ. Read more »


Hispanic Evangelism

The events and conferences sponsored by the Hispanic Evangelism team bring together several thousand Hispanic leaders and church groups for training and encouragement in intentional relationship evangelism. Read more »

Youth Evangelism

Exciting ministry opportunities, engaging conferences and useful outreach tools are made available through our Youth Evangelism team. Read more »


Resort Leisure Sports

We find people where they relax: resorts, beaches, lakes and rivers, private and public parks, flea markets, amusement parks, racetracks, sports venues (participants or spectators). Read more »

E-Newsletter Archive

Stay up-to-date on all that the Evangelism/Missions team is doing and encountering. Read more »


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