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We talk a great deal about “going out” of our church buildings to reach people with the Gospel who may not otherwise hear it. We need to go where the people are. Often we find people accessible and accepting to our witness when they are engaged in some form of recreation during their leisure or free time.

We find people where they relax: resorts, beaches, lakes and rivers, private and public parks, flea markets, amusement parks, racetracks, sports venues (participants or spectators). We also go where people work: truck stops, seaports, and other places of work where permitted.

Remember, these are places and activities where we “surprise people with God’s Love” when we intersect their activities with the Gospel, so care must be taken to do it in a manner that we do not interfere with their primary purpose for being there. By cooperating with the management, we enhance their activity through ministry and earn the right to share His love with them.

These ministries may be carried out by individuals, churches, associations or regions.


Resort Ministries

Association of Resort & Leisure Ministers
National membership organization for those involved in resort ministries. National conference bi-annually.

North American Mission Board Resort Ministries
Describes innovative and special ministries sponsored by NAMB. Resources and consultation is available.

Campers On Mission
National ministry organization for RV owners which promotes a variety of ministry activities, both direct ministry in resort settings and construction for camps, churches, etc. Texas Campers On Mission

Slip disc Ministries
Provides the “flying disc” and other excellent witnessing materials, including suggestions for the effective use of them. Available in nine languages and the message and logo may be customized to your organization.

E3 Resources
Provides a variety of evangelistic tools, including the Evange-cube, eBalls (soccer and basketball). Also offers training in their use.