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LifeCall Missions® has been developed to resource churches in empowering, equipping, and prayer-commissioning church members to become missions-practicing disciples.

Mini Guides

After School Program for Latch Key Children
Backyard Bible Club
Campground Ministries
Carnival or Fair Ministry Project
Church Based Tutoring Children & Youth Mission Ministry
Church Weekday Education
Clothes Closet Ministry
Day Camp Ministry
Financial Assistance Ministry
Food Distribution
Homeless People Ministry
How to Serve as a Mission Project Coord in a Local Church
Lake, River Resort Ministries
Language Scripture Distribution
Literacy Missions Ministry
Ministry at Fairs and Festivals
Ministry with Offenders’ Families
Nursing Homes
Parking Lot Recreation Ministries How To
Partnership VBS
Planning Mission Trips
Prayer Based Organic Church Planting book
Prayerwalking to Birthan Apartment Congregation
Pregnancy Care Ministry
Resort and Leisure Ministry
Resort Settings Working with People
Sports Event Ministry
Sports Outreach Evangelism Ministry
Substance Abusers
Trucker Ministry
Truck Stop Ministries
Unwed Mothers and Fathers
Volunteer Chaplaincy to Law Enforcement
Working With Migrants
Workplace Bible Studies

Guía en Español

Instituto de una Iglesia Semilla
Programa de Tutoría
Célula de fe
Iglesia Exterioro Multifamiliar
Iniciación Orgánica de Iglesias Basada en Oración
Ministerio de Educación Diaria
Ministerio de Asistencia Financiera


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