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The Missions Mobilization Team exists to connect, train and mobilize Texas Baptist Churches to become HOPE 1:8 churches. This type of church is engaged in missions by being committed to starting at least one new church in the next eight years by increasing their Cooperative Program giving to the BGCT, and by discovering their Jerusalem, their Judea, their Samaria and the end of the world.


Church-Based Mission Sending

The Church-Sending Mission Fund was specifically designed to provide support to overseas, cross-cultural missionaries sent by local congregations.  Read more »


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 Hope 1:8 Missionaries

The Hope 1:8 Missionary Initiative is a new emphasis of Texas Baptists’ which is helping to bring missionaries into the urban areas of our state, nation and world. Read more »


Hope 1:8 Experience

TheMISSIOLifestyle Church desires to elevate missions to the level practiced by our Lord Jesus Christ and the early church.  Read more »


Multi-Housing/Organic Churches

Learn more about satellite “seed” congregations, multi-housing church planting, and prayer-based organic church planting. Read more »


River Ministry

River Ministry connects and assigns churches to specific projects in Mexico and along the Texas/Mexico border, provides training and orientation for missions groups. Read more »


Texas Partnerships

Texas Partnerships connects our churches and institutions to specific projects through a wide network of contacts with sister Baptist churches and conventions around the globe. Read more »

Giving Opportunities

Feeding Centers

This is a ministry to families that live in poverty and unemployment as well as victims of violence. Feeding Centers provide nutrition and God’s Word as they reach out to families along the border and in Mexico.
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Pepe Project

This is a faith-based education program for preschoolers who live in extreme poverty and don’t have access to education.
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This ministry is about being Christ’s Hands, His Heart, His Voice, and His Compassion among groups that are primarily low-income, living at the margins of society, and wrestling with broken homes and broken lives. This includes ministries of food, shoes, backpacks, tutoring, medical assistance, Bibles, church planting, and evangelism.
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Bible Distribution

Many churches around the world are in need of Bibles and New Testaments as they fulfill the Great Commission of making disciples of all nations. Your contribution will be used to help these churches provide Bibles and New Testaments for those who are interested in being followers of our Lord Jesus Christ.
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Texas Partnership’s – Leadership Development

When you give to “Texas Partnership’s – Leadership Development” you are aiding in the Christian education of children and adults all over the world. Students at Beirut Baptist School, Nazareth Baptist School, Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Nazareth Evangelical Theological Seminary and Alfa & Omega Christian School will benefit from your generosity. Join with Texas Partnerships to educate Christ-followers globally.
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