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The Church-Sending Mission Fund was specifically designed to provide support to overseas, cross-cultural missionaries sent by local congregations. The fund’s resources are intended to be used to come alongside sending churches in providing on-going financial support in ministries that carry out the Great Commission with a view to reaching “the ends of the earth.”

The Church-Sending Mission Fund is based on five guiding principles:

  • COMMITMENT: Each ministry must represent a long-term commitment by a local church to a geographic or people-group target that is international, cross-cultural, and involves the sending/supporting of missionaries.
  • PARTNERSHIP: Churches must be committed to provide on-going support to their missionaries whether using traditional or non-traditional methods such as partnering with established mission-sending boards and agencies.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Missionaries are accountable to their sending church(es) for ministry responsibilities and lifestyle integrity.
  • DEFINITION: Written agreements describe the responsibilities of the BGCT, the sending church, and the missionaries.
  • INCLUSIVENESS: Churches receiving assistance from the fund must be members in good standing of the BGCT.

In the past year, the Church-Based Mission Fund was able to be used to help 8 churches send 19 missionaries who took the gospel to 4 continents.