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TheMISSIOLifestyle Church desires to elevate missions to the level practiced by our Lord Jesus Christ and the early church.

It is with the purpose in mind that the Missions Mobilization Team-BGCT, Associational Missions Office-BGCT, and the Woman’s Missionary Union of Texas have designed a new program to help local congregations and associations hire a Minister of Missions.  The Minister of Missions’ primary responsibility is to help the congregation practice missions according to his/her foundations.  The MISSIOLifestyle Church consists of:

MISSIOAbilities: CompassionAbility, DiscipleAbility, CongregAbility, ContextuAbility, MultipliAbility, ReciprosAbility, and SustainAbility.

MISSIONProcess:  Vision, Practices, Strategies, Support, Connections, Offferings/Promotions, and Experiments/Projects.

MISSIOLifestyle Practices:  Spiritual/Practices, Seeking-the-LostPractices, and Congregational Practices.

Learn more about the MISSIOLifestyle Church opportunity and how you can get involved today!


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