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Learn more about satellite “seed” congregations, multi-housing church planting, and prayer-based organic church planting.

Satellite “Seed” Congregations

Reach and baptize people for your church by “satelliting” your congregation beyond the walls of the building. The BGCT can help by equipping your laypersons as leaders of no-cost, simple congregations among unreached pockets of people. These satellite congregations generally meet in homes and are affiliated with your church as its sponsor, contributing to your church’s overall impact in the community.

Multihousing Church Planting

Reach out to people living in apartment complexes, mobile home parks and dormitories by equipping leaders for ministries in those types of living environments. Leaders will be trained for simple, on-site extensions of the church body.

Prayer-Based Organic Church Planting

Use a prayer-walking strategy to reach people in public settings – such as gated apartment communities, parks, corporate break rooms and recreation centers – and form them into a congregation. This outreach strategy does not involve events, or advertising, but rather requires the commitment of volunteers.


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