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Start A Multi-housing Church

Can God Use You to Start a Multihousing Church?
Consider yourself as a possible multi-housing church planter.
Prayerwalking to Birth an Apartment Church
A prayerwalking experience shows how simply it can happen.
What does a Multi-housing church look like?
A multi-housing church is much less organized than a sponsor church, but it still has all the basics of church life.

Getting Started with:
A Partner or Team
An Apartment Manager
The Property
The First Worship Service
Group Participation type Bible Study or Sermon Time

Pastors Only

Entrusting the vast unreached multi-housing populations to the hearts and hands of the local church!
Mulit-housing Missionairies and Pastor Mentors
Pastors, or their designated trainer, can equip a growing Christian to reach multi-housing residents.
A Life-Changing Church Possibility Story
This one-minute “word picture” captures the essence of a cost-free multi-housing congregation.
Prayerwalking to Birth an Apartment Church
An activity as simple and inexpensive as prayerwalking can be used for planting a multi-housing satellite congregation.
You Have What it Takes to Mentor
Your already have the ministry experience to help a layperson get started in a multi-housing church plant.