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River Ministry connects and assigns churches to specific projects in Mexico and along the Texas/Mexico border, provides training and orientation for missions groups, facilitates the development of emerging churches in the ten most populated cities in Mexico, and provides leadership equipping conferences for border leaders & churches. Churches may also request a speaker to share missions opportunities and promote the Mary Hill Davis Offering for Texas Missions.

Connecting and Assigning Churches to Specific Projects – Mexico

BGCT’s partnership with the Mexico Baptist National Convention now opens the doors for our churches to adopt an unreached ethno-linguistic group in the Mexico interior. The Mexico convention mission leaders have shared ten adoptable mission fields where national missionaries are attempting to reach fourteen indigenous Indian groups. Churches may choose to partner with sister Hispanic churches in Texas or along the Texas/Mexico border to adopt the same people group and more effectively perform cross-cultural missions in these very challenging fields. Once a church decides to adopt a specific people group or under-reached field, cultural materials and prayer guides for that specific people group can be obtained from the River Ministry office.

Connecting and Assigning Churches to Specific Projects – Border

Churches searching for a mission project along the Texas/Mexico border can review a listing of potential projects on www.beonmission.org. Group leaders also can attend training conferences and schedule a personal consultation with border missionaries to get a project assignment.

Training and Orientation for Mission Groups

Two up-state training and orientation conferences are conducted by BGCT’s River Ministry each year for groups seeking a border mission project assignment. Border missionaries are available for personal consultations with your church to discuss potential projects. You will leave the conference with a project assignment. “How to” conferences for VBS teams, construction teams, health care teams and evangelism teams also are provided. Click the hyperlinks for the schedule of River Ministry training and orientation conferences for mission groups and a trip planning guide. Churches may contact our staff coordinators directly to discuss specific projects that match your mission team’s abilities and desire to serve.

Decapolis Project

Click below to view a brochure and learn more about this vision and mission to plant emerging churches in the ten most populated cities in Mexico. Decapolis Project Brochure

Leadership Equipping Conferences for Border Leaders & Churches

You can request river ministry mission training for your church by clicking at right and contacting Daniel Rangel.

Speakers for Churches to Promote River Ministry and Mary Hill Davis

Churches may request a speaker from BGCT’s River Ministry office any time during the year to share mission opportunities and to promote the Mary Hill Davis Offering for Texas Missions. The River Ministry office also can provide a consultant to set up an exhibit for mission fairs and other mission activities.


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