Childhood and Family Ministry Summit

August 08 – 09, 2014

This is an opportunity for professional development for those in family/children/preschool and weekday ministry. Ministers, weekday directors and teachers will hear leaders speak on topics relevant to family and children’s ministry areas. Tracks will be provided for the following areas of focus:

Weekday Directors
Weekday Teachers
Preschool and Children’s Ministers
Preschool Bible Study Teachers
Children’s Bible Study Teachers
Music Leaders
Mission Leaders

Cynthia Tobias is our keynote speaker. Ms. Tobias is a leader in learning styles and will be amusing and educational as she relates the importance of teaching to the child’s learning style.

Dr. Tommy Sanders will be our Pre-Con leader as he relates Leadership from a Generational Perspective. Registration is required.


First Baptist Church Arlington
301 S Center St
Arlington, TX 76010


10:30-11:30 a.m. Pre-Conference by Dr. Tommy Sanders – Worship Center
11:30-12:30 p.m. Lunch
1:00-2:00 Session One
2:10-3:10 Session Two
3:10-3:30 Break
3:30-4:30 Session Three
4:40-5:40 Session Four
5:45-6:30 First Dinner, or Tour of Facilities, will begin at the registration table. Visit four year old room furnished by Reynolds Manufacturing (Room 103)
6:30-7:00 Second Dinner, or Panel Discussion with Dr. Tommy Sanders and Mary Ann Bradberry in Worship Center
7:00-8:00 First Keynote by Cynthia Tobias – Worship Center

9:00-10:00 a.m. Second Keynote by Cynthia Tobias – Worship Center
10:15-11:15 Session Five
11:25-12:25 First Lunch/Session Six (Assigned Lunches)
12:35-1:35 Second Lunch/Session Seven (Assigned Lunches)
1:45-2:45 Session Eight
2:55-3:55 Session Nine
4:05-5:05 Session Ten


Cynthia Tobias is our keynote speaker. Ms. Tobias is a leader in learning styles and will be amusing and educational as she relates the importance of teaching to the child’s learning style.

Dr. Tommy Sanders will be our Pre-Con leader as he relates Leadership from a Generational Perspective. Registration is required.


Terry Young

Having An Effective Group Time For 3’s And Or Pre-K: Ideas for leading different group times, Bible story time, morning meeting, ABC group time, closing group time. (Age Appropriate Curriculum)

Fun, Food & Preschoolers: Fun recipes and ideas for using food with preschoolers to teach. (Planning Developmentally Appropriate Learning Activities)

Using Sensory Tubs In The Classroom: Ideas of different materials and the great learning that happens with hands that are busy experiencing different textures. (Planning Developmentally Appropriate Learning Activities)

Sharity Wade (Saturday only)

Values In Teaching Preschool Spiritual And Biblical Truths: Preschoolers are worthy of our time and effort in the classroom because of the specific benefits they receive from Bible teaching. (Planning Developmentally Appropriate Learning Activities)

Teaching Babies Is Not Babysitting!: Simple ways to go beyond meeting the basic needs of babies to help parents lay strong spiritual foundations right from the start. (Teacher-Child Interaction)

Simple Lesson Ideas For Preschoolers: Easy To Implement Curriculum. Being intentional about teaching preschoolers doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take a lot time. We’ll talk about easy to implement curriculum plans, classroom schedules and using your prep time wisely. (Age Appropriate Curriculum)

Shelly Taylor

Teaching Biblical Truth to Preschoolers: How do I teach biblical truth to preschoolers intentionally and consistently in a manner that makes a difference? Learn how to use biblical truth effectively with young children, affecting their conversation and changing the way they play! (Age Appropriate Curriculum)

Know Their Story: In order to genuinely connect with preschoolers and their families, we must know their story. Learn practical ways to connect with families as you minister to boys and girl through the Sunday School and prepare a foundation for continued learning. We can take out SS if you want this to be for a larger audience. (Teacher Child Interaction)

Prayer and Preschoolers: Prayers of a child lifted to our Holy God are precious to our ears and to our Heavenly Father. How do we teach preschoolers to pray? (Age Appropriate Curriculum)

Laura Edmondson

Bible Story Telling For Kindergartners: Discover some new and innovative ways to tell the Bible Story in both the Sunday School Classroom and the weekday classroom. Help your children experience the Bible in new ways! (Age Appropriate Curriculum)

Getting From Here To There – Transitions: It is hard for little ones to go from one activity to another! Learn techniques and activities that make transitions easier on both the children and the leaders. (Planning Developmentally Appropriate Learning Activities)

Guiding Young Children: Discipline and guidance are essential to good learning experiences for young children. Discover key strategies for implementing positive guidance in the preschool classroom. (Guidance and Discipline)

Elaine Clark

Using Blocks As A Teaching Tool: Blocks are more than piles of wood or Legos, they are learning tools. Methods and examples will be discussed. (Planning Developmentally Appropriate Learning Activities)

Art is More Than Paint and Crayons!: Paint, easels, paper and gadgets. Are they worth all that trouble? YES! Come and learn why! (Planning Developmentally Appropriate Learning Activities)

Books and Pictures Are Important!: Books and pictures are great teaching tools that reinforce the teaching aim. Samples and reasons why this area is so important will be discussed. (Planning Developmentally Appropriate Learning Activities)

Landry Holmes

My Favorite Learning Center – Home living: Home living is the most used learning center in the Preschool room, but why? This session will explore the creative ways learning is enhanced through Home living. (Planning Developmentally Appropriate Learning Activities)

Cleanliness is Next To Godliness: Parents are protective of their children, and having a clean area is one area that is very important to parents. This session will deal with cleaning and how to clean our preschool rooms. (Safety)

Babies Can Learn About Jesus: Babies are important to God and they can learn! Realizing how babies learn and creating an atmosphere of learning will be emphasized here. (Age Appropriate Curriculum)


Mary Ann Bradberry

Every Child Does NOT Need A Trophy: Failure is inevitable, but our culture is uncomfortable with the idea of failing. However, failure can be productive and teach children important life skills. This session will explore the benefits of healthy competition and why failure can lead to success. (Child Growth and Development)

Girls, Girls, Girls!: Girls are under enormous pressure to grow up too fast and are encountering challenges for which they may be unprepared. This session will look at the brain development of girls and explore the kind of environment girls need to thrive and become the women God intends them to be. (Planning Developmentally Appropriate Learning Activities)

The Power Of Play: To deny play is to deny a child the right to grow and develop as God intended. Over the past two decades, children have lost eight hours of unstructured play for which they are suffering physical and psychological consequences. This session examines the stages of play and challenges teachers to rethink and refocus the role of play in learning. (Child Health)

Jonathan Brown

Creating A Safe And Secure Environment: A study of old practices and new security technologies that keep our children safe and the integrity of the ministry and workers intact. (Safety)

The Power Of Modeling: How modeling Godly behavior affects our ministry and the lives of those around us. (Teacher/Child Interaction)

The Teacher That Reaches Children And Parents: A holistic approach of understanding children and parents and how to reach them. (Teacher/Child Interaction)

David Butts

Tour Of Facilities: David will take groups of people on a tour of the facilities during specific times of the day. (Safety)

Choices Weekend: A weekend created just for Sixth Graders. Objectives and suggestions of this great weekend will be discovered. (Cultural Diversity for Children and Families)

Merging Sixth Graders Into Youth Ministry: Sixth graders are a transiting group of individuals. They are not children, yet they are not youth. Learn ways to effectively and successfully merge them into the youth ministry. (Child Growth and Development)

Cliff Cary

Connecting The Bible Passage With The Learning Activities: Being able to quote memorized Bible verses is quite a task, but explaining and knowing what those Bible passages are about takes another level of learning. We will discuss how to ensure learning activities are helping children understand the Bible passages. (Planning Developmentally Appropriate Learning Activities)

Using Technology in Children’s Ministry: Technology is important today, but does it need to be in every Children’s Sunday School room? Learn ways to utilize technology in age appropriate and effective ways. (Planning Developmentally Appropriate Learning Activities)

Children’s Sunday School Basics: Sometimes we get so involved with the special things in ministry that we forget the basics. This session will go over and emphasize the importance of not forgetting the Basics of Sunday School. (Planning Developmentally Appropriate Learning Activities)

Lisa Keeling

It’s Not Just A Bible Story – Choosing Curriculum That Really Teaches Your Kids: Do you want to find a curriculum that really teaches your kids but you can’t make sense of the enormous number of options? Learn how to evaluate curriculum and choose the one that will have a lasting impact on your children. (Age Appropriate Curriculum)

Stay Calm, Drill On!: Learn about Bible Drill and how to use it in your church to impact your children and their families to hide God’s word in their hearts. (Planning Developmentally Appropriate Learning Activities)

Choosing From The Hat Rack: Have more hats to wear than you can count? Spouse, parent, PTO leader, taxi driver, activities director, minister, counselor, safety inspector… and the list goes on! Learn how to find a balance and fulfill God’s calling in your life. (Professional Development)

Jana Magruder

Preteens are Special, Too!: Preteens are important to the life of the church. Come and discern ways to enhance your Preteen Ministry. (Professional Development)

Transiting Kindergartners To First Grade – It’s Easy: Making the transition from Kindergarten to First Grade sometimes is extremely difficult for children. This session will give ideas and tips on how to make it easier. (Child Growth and Development)

Fresh Ideas On Making The Bible Come Alive: Sometimes we think we cannot learn anything new through our Bible Passages. Scriptures are not boring. You will learn how to make the Bible come alive! (Planning Developmentally Appropriate Learning Activities)

Kimberely McMillion

Importance of Abiding: Professional Development

Jason Noble

Children And Grief: Research with children who have experienced the death of a parent revealed some interesting facts. The results of that research along with some other techniques for helping children who are grieving will be shared. (Planning Developmentally Appropriate Learning Activities)

Proven Strategies To Connect With local Elementary Schools: Outreach strategies to touch children and their families while also connecting with school administration and teachers will be revealed and discussed. (Cultural Diversity for Children and Families)


Cynthia Tobias: Professional Development


Nanette Johnson

New Parent Ministry: It is more than just Baby Dedication. It is about reaching first time parents in unique ways. (Cultural Diversity for Children and Families)

Family Focused Events: Providing opportunities for parents to strengthen their relationship with their child through fun and meaningful events. (Cultural Diversity for Children and Families)

Family Ministry Affects Every Area: Brainstorm your ministry area by looking at it through the lens of Family Ministry. Areas that will be discussed are: What current ministry can be broadened to affect the entire family? What components could be added that will bridge from church to home? (Cultural Diversity for Children and Families)

Weekday Dir.

Teri Budde

How To Gain And Retain Your Weekday Families: Weekday families are important to the life of the church. They should be viewed as more than just a weekday family. (Cultural Diversity for Children and Families)

Can This Center Be Saved?: How To Function As A Team Based On The Book Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni. (Professional Development)

How Do We Love The Unlovable Child? – A Director’s Quest To Save The World! (at least the children in her Center!): Every center has difficult to love children, but it is doable! Come and see how! (Professional Development)

Special Needs

Joanna Windle

Tips On Teaching Children With Special Needs: Come and learn how to set up a room for special needs, how to use curriculum and how to reach out to families. (Care of Children with Special Needs)

The Question Is Do I Mainstream Or Self-Contain?: How do I know what to do? Come and learn techniques in making decisions on creating a learning environment. (Care of Children with Special Needs)

Ministering To Parents Of Our Children: We need to ensure parents that their children are getting the best possible care. Learn methods on how to communicate with parents. (Care of Children with Special Needs)


Keith Mack

How To Get A Man: This session will focus on ways to prayerfully enlist men to become involved and also ways to recognize the men for their involvement. (Community Organizations and Training Programs Available to Weekday Staff)

Games and Activities for Children: This session will look at how to lead games and activities with children in addition to looking at some resources available for games and activities. (Cultural Diversity for Children and Families)

Involving Children in Missions: This session will focus ways to involve children in mission projects of the church. How they can pray for, give to, and going and doing. (Cultural Diversity for Children and Families)


Lane Rhodes


Incorporating Music & Movement into Preschool Ministry: Get ready for a hands-on, movement-filled workshop as you discover a treasure-trove of resources that will help you add music and movement into your existing preschool ministry. Experience budget-friendly and volunteer-friendly activities and resources that will give your ministry new ways to engage your preschoolers and meet their developmental needs. (Child Growth and Development)

Music in Today’s Children’s Ministry – No Accompanist Required!: Discover fresh and creative ways to use music in your Bible Studies, VBS, Summer Camps & more. Need ways to engage kids on Wednesday nights after a long academic day? From scripture memory to musicals, find out how to have purposeful music in your ministry using the volunteers you already have. (Child Growth and Development)


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