Executive Board Meeting

February 24 - 25, 2014

The Executive Board of the Baptist General Convention of Texas consists of 90 Directors selected from 30 sectors around the state. Three directors are selected from each sector to serve a three year term. A director is eligible and could receive a second three year term. These directors are nominated to the convention by the Committee to Nominate Executive Board Directors.

These directors do not technically serve on the board as a representative from the sector. They must consider the needs and concerns of the entire state. The sector grid ensures a wide participation of Texas Baptists and not sector representation. The principle used here is the same historic principle used when a local Baptist church selects messengers to the Annual Meeting of the Baptist General Convention of Texas. Messengers do not come to the annual meeting representing their church, but come as individual Baptists making decisions based on God’s direction in their lives.

The Executive Board meets three times a year. Each meeting is two days including the actual Executive Board meeting and the committees, sub-committees, groups, teams, and councils of the Executive Board.

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