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How it works

You give a percentage of your income to your church. Your church gives a percentage of its budget through the BGCT Cooperative Program. This money is combined with money from the other 5,600 churches cooperating with the BGCT and funds the missions, evangelism and ministry efforts approved annually by the convention.

Each church must choose how the money it gives through the Cooperative Program will be designated. The BGCT adopted budget calls for a 79% / 21% breakdown. This means that 79% of the money your church gives stays at work in Texas and 21% goes to the international missions partner of your choice (SBC, CBF, BGCT). However, your church can choose whichever percentage breakdown God is leading you to give.

Where it goes

In short
It goes to missions, evangelism and ministry.

In long
It goes to a myriad of missions, evangelism and ministry projects that are compiled into an annual budget and then approved by the Executive Board and then the Convention as a whole.


A breakdown of the 2011 missions budget is available in the Budget Summary.