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Cooperative Program

Your gift to missions through the Cooperative Program allows individuals and church bodies to be actively involved in mission, evangelism, education, discipleship and human care in Texas and around the world. By participating in a missions co-op an individual or church is able to reach farther and do more in the name of Christ than any one person or church can do alone. To find out how this money supports various mission aspects, visit texasbaptists.org/cp.

Texas Baptists Missions Foundation

Your gift through the Foundation will be used wherever there is the greatest opportunity to share Jesus love—it might start a new Cowboy church, or support student ministries on a college campus or help with ministries along the Rio Grande. You can also specify how you want your gift used by giving us a call at (800)558-8263.

Disaster Response

Texas Baptists are constantly involved in assisting disaster victims across the state and around the world. Whether it’s feeding those who have no place to cook, helping a church with rebuilding plans or providing assistance to families who have lost everything – your gift makes a difference.

Texas Baptist Hunger Offering

Your gift will make an enormous, positive influence in the lives of thousands of hungry people – whether by feeding hungry children in Texas and around the world, by helping hungry families produce food for consumption and income, by drilling wells and providing clean water, or by starting microenterprises which help people help themselves.

Mary Hill Davis Offering

Your gift helps Texas Baptists minister all over the state and beyond. It can bring hope to a battered woman and her family; it can provide medicine for a free daily clinic, bring clean drinking water to a community for the first time or send an underprivileged child to summer camp.

Chaplaincy Relations

Your financial gift will help the Texas Baptist Office of Chaplaincy Relations in its ministry to focus upon the endorsement, networking, affirmation, support, and continuing educational resources of Texas Baptist chaplains and pastoral counselors. These ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ are providing pastoral care in specialized ministry settings such as Healthcare, the Military, Restorative Justice, Business & Industry, Pastoral Counseling, Public Safety, Biker, and Crisis Response.

Church Starting

Church Starting is a collective effort, but it is also the pursuit of a unique and personal experience with God. Church Staring is not just for traditional churches. Our mandate is to share God’s Word in Texas by planting new churches. Your gift helps us reach Texas by starting new churches.

Charles Price Endowment Fund

The Charles Price Endowment for Associational Leadership has been established to provide specialized training to help directors of missions be effective leaders in their associations. The endowment is named in memory of Charles Price who, as a director of missions, dedicated himself to helping fellow directors become successful in leading their associations to fulfill the Great Commission.



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