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Your church is established to worship as the body of Christ. It is also the hub through which Christ’s love will permeate society and change individual’s lives.

Hope 1:8 is based on Christ’s mandate in Acts 1:8 and is focused on energizing and organizing churches in mission action, mission education and mission funding as a body of believers. The goal is to increase participation and partnerships in evangelism and missions co-op to reach our lost state and world. Our neighbors, our cities, state, nation and world are searching.

To be a Hope 1;8 church, commit to:
Pray for Hope 1:8 as mechanism for spiritual awakening and reaching the lost

Give to Hope 1:8 through your church’s Cooperative Program and individually to missions co-op at

Be on mission with Hope 1:8 through your church, Texas Baptist partnerships or on your own just by sharing the hope of Christ with those you see daily. Mission opportunities in Texas and around the world can be found at Missions Finder resources for local or international mission trips are located at Texas Partnerships. Develop a strategy to reach your Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and ends of the earth and share it with us and other churches to foster partnership. (rand.jenkins@texasbaptists.org)

Conduct an annual local evangelistic effort. Often those we overlook are the ones in need of Christ most.

Partner with others to eliminate hunger in your community. Ending hunger is a task that requires the greater Christian community to accomplish.

Start a new church before 2018. There are a lot of churches in Texas. However, to keep pace with the number of unchurched and population increase, we will need more and a variety of styles of churches.


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