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About one-quarter of our Texas Baptists congregations–more than 1,200–are located in the Gulf Coast area affected by Hurricane Harvey and the subsequent flooding which occurred from Aug. 25-Sept.1, 2017. While we are working to determine the condition of these churches, and find ways to help those in need, it is clear that our response to this catastrophic storm will be measured not in days and weeks, but months and years.

We are encouraged by the good work of first responders, volunteers and churches and partners across the Texas Baptists family. Our field personnel, including area representatives, church starters and BSM directors, are on the ground meeting with churches and ministering alongside them. God is doing good things in the midst of the destruction.

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Many have looked to the Convention for ways to continue these vital efforts, either through prayer, giving, donations or volunteer opportunities. What follows is the official Texas Baptists corporate response to Hurricane Harvey.

Please check back often as the information on this page will update frequently. If you have any questions, please call 888-244-9400 or email harvey@texasbaptists.org

1. Pray

We believe in the power of prayer, and we continue to call all members of the Texas Baptists family to pray fervently.

Pray for:

  • All who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey
  • Churches and the communities they serve
  • First responders and current volunteers helping those in need
  • Texas Baptist Men as they provide disaster relief
  • Future volunteers currently organizing to help affected areas bounce back
  • God’s peace and restoration

2. Give

Give to Texas Baptist Men

Texas Baptists Men have long-functioned as the disaster relief arm of Texas Baptists, and we are proud of the good work they do in Texas and around the word. TBM units are currently deployed in many locations around the state providing feeding, chainsaw crews, shower and laundry units, child care, mud outs and much more. Alongside each unit is a trained chaplain to provide spiritual care for volunteers and those they are ministering to. 

Give to TBM

Mary Hill Davis Offering

Every dollar that exceeds the $3.6 million goal will be directed toward the long-term recovery efforts of Texas Baptist Men and Texas Baptists.

Give to MHDO


Your church can collect bottled water, gift cards and cash to donate to Texas Baptist Men. They are collecting donations at their Dallas headquarters.

5351 Catron Dr.
Dallas, TX, 75227

Call 214-381-2800 to coordinate delivery.

3. Partner

Church2Church Partnerships

Contact us if your church needs assistance or would like to offer assistance in recovery efforts.


4. Volunteer

Texas Baptist Men Volunteer Village

Texas Baptist Men Volunteer Village is now open!  They are accepting registrations for church groups wanting to work in the greater Houston area in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  Click below for complete details and registration.

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BOUNCE Student Disaster Recovery

BOUNCE, the student disaster recovery ministry of Texas Baptists, has revised its 2018 schedule for spring break and summer mission trips to exclusively serve Harvey-affected areas along the Gulf Coast. Registration for student groups to participate in these trips is now open. 

BOUNCE 2018 trip dates

Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) volunteer groups

Many of our Baptist Student Ministries around the state are coordinating volunteer teams to serve in affected areas. College-aged students who would like to volunteer should contact their local BSM Director to learn of their specific campus’ response.

Find a BSM near you

Harvey Response

Hosting after Harvey

Almost 20 years ago, waters flooded Southeastern Texas as the effects of the Pacific Hurricane Madeline reverberated across the United States. As volunteers rushed toward the devastation, First Baptist Church of Victoria opened their doors to host the first responders. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, their heart to host remains...

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Green Acres Baptist Church provides encouragement, resources to FBC Hull after Hurricane Harvey

It started raining on Friday, August 25, in Hull, Texas. By Sunday night, the water began to invade homes and buildings, compromising the town’s safety. The rains, a result of Hurricane Harvey, didn’t stop until Wednesday, the town was paralyzed until Thursday. The terror remained long after.

Like many churches, FBC Hull served as a first responder to this tragic natural disaster, and their focus was the surrounding communities.

“We were focusing on people in their homes here,” said John Guedry, pastor of FBC Hull. “When people who already in the last days of August didn’t know if they would be able to afford rent for September...

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Time to rebuild His house

One hurricane, one faith and one website was all it took to unite First Baptist Church of Grand Prairie and Trinity Baptist Church of Aransas Pass.

After Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast, “we immediately … spent time in our worship service praying for our brothers and sisters,” said Dr. Bill Skaar, pastor of First Baptist Church of Grand Prairie...

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Shining in the community in the midst of a disaster strike

By Kaitlyn DeHaven, Baylor University student

Rose City Baptist Church in Vidor, Texas, was in the process of rebuilding its church when disaster struck once again. Last year, the church suffered a catastrophic loss when 80 percent of the church burned down in a fire. Before Hurricane Harvey hit, it was three weeks away from reopening.

Tony Wilcoxson, pastor of Rose City Baptist, said that while there was a lot of hurt and pain that happened in his community, this aspect actually happened to be a blessing in disguise, because they had just put a new septic system in, which had provided them with 20,000 pounds of sand that could...

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FBC Refugio Regains Footing After Harvey

By Analiz G. Schremmer

Ninety to 95 percent of buildings in the small town of Refugio were damaged during Hurricane Harvey. That includes First Baptist Church Refugio, which lost most of its roof to the strong winds, rendering the building unusable.

“The storm essentially blew about three-quarters of the roof off the sanctuary, so the sanctuary was a total loss,” said FBC Pastor T. Wayne Price. “Our educational building was about one-fourth damaged. We still do not have the exact numbers, but we are talking about an interior rebuild. Everything in the sanctuary was destroyed.”

Price said the majority of his congregation was...

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God carrying the church through Hurricane Harvey

Bevil Oaks, a small town located in Jefferson County on the outskirts of Beaumont, is a relatively quiet place. The neighborhoods are beautiful, the community is active and the people are kind. However, these characteristics did not protect the town from the harsh reality of Hurricane Harvey.

The rain began Friday, Aug. 25. As the storm grew worse, Robert Ring, worship pastor of First Baptist Church of Bevil Oaks, decided to make the call to cancel their Sunday morning church service.

“On Sunday, water began coming up into friends’ yards, and we weren’t sure how high the water would be getting. For us, the main part of Harvey...

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God’s people responding in a time of disaster

  • During the storm, Iglesia Bautista Redencion experienced 30 inches of flooding, resulting in over $100,000 in damages
  • Through donated resources, the church has been ministering to the community around them
  • With the help of partner churches, $20,000 has been raised to go toward the church rebuilding process

HOUSTON–“We couldn’t believe it. We never thought this would happen. We were here in the church worshiping the night before the flood, and we could have never imaged what was to come,” said Pastor Jesus Guillen of Iglesia Bautista Redencion of Houston.

After the storm subsided, Pastor Guillen was not able to get back...

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The Body of Christ unified during Harvey aftermath

  • From the hours after Hurricane Harvey, FBC Nederland has reached out to serve their community
  • FBC Nederland is one TBM/Texas Baptists Volunteer Village where churches can send volunteer teams to help with recovery efforts
  • They total number of meals prepared and sent out from the church was just over 318,000

NEDERLAND–“Things really started to get bad on Tuesday night (Aug. 29). It started raining here, and it was raining hard. I kept thinking, ‘this is going to settle down, just like any other storm,’ but it didn’t. About 10:00 p.m., we were at our house, flooded in. We couldn’t get out,” said Jason Burden, pastor of...

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Congregation loses everything but hope

By Analiz G. Schremmer, Contributing Writer

“Winter is coming.” That is the phrase that Pastor David Maldonado kept repeating. It was a plea for help; a cry to God. Maybe both.

In August, Iglesia Bautista Jesus de Nazaret in Houston was struck by Hurricane Harvey. The church building took on three feet of water and almost everything inside was destroyed.

“We saved one of the speakers, two microphones and my guitar,” Maldonado said. “Now, on Sundays my brother-in-law brings another guitar that he borrowed and my brother borrows a base.” It is just enough to hold a worship service in the church pavilion every Sunday since the...

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Loving the least of these amidst Harvey destruction

For Metrey Pheap Baptist Church in Houston, floods are nothing new. However, as they are recovering from Hurricane Harvey, this church is working harder than ever to serve those in need.

In both 2003 and 2005, the church experienced extensive flooding, resulting in a combined $30,000 worth of damage. This past August, the destruction of Hurricane Harvey caused double the damage, with an estimated repair cost of $60,000. Though this is the third time the church has flooded, it is the first time they are experiencing a total loss.

“The first day we were was able to come and see the church after the storm, everyone cried,” said Ty...

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Compassion and service after the hurricane

By John Hall, Contributing Writer

When disaster strikes, First Baptist Church in Athens jumps into high gear.

The congregation often responds to needs in the wake of disaster through Texas Baptist Men. So when it saw the widespread devastation left behind by Hurricane Harvey, it did what comes naturally – sought to meet the needs of hurting people.

“A lot of church members have friends down there, they have family down there that’s been affected,” said Steve Akin, the church’s minister of missions.

Because of the proximity of the damage, First Baptist Church and other area congregations worked together through Southeast Texas...

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FBC Mineola joins other churches rallying around Pine Drive Baptist Church in Dickinson

By John Hall, Contributing Writer

The devastation sustained by Pine Drive Baptist Church in Dickinson can be summed up with one word: Total.

“We’ve got a sanctuary,” Pastor Ted Duck said. “Then we have a separate building that’s a gymnasium/activity center. Then we have a Christian school, which is where our offices are. We got 51 inches of water. It wiped out everything we have. Everything.”

Everything except the congregation’s belief in God. In the wake of the storm, God continues to meet the church’s needs in remarkable ways. Congregations from across Texas and scattered across the United States have donated money, materials...

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BSM volunteers from across Texas help with Harvey Recovery

By Analiz G. Schremmer

When they walked into this house, one thing was clear to the volunteers from the University of Houston’s Baptist Student Ministry: The homeowner was overwhelmed to the point of paralysis.

“There were dead fish in the house,” said UH BSM Director Shannon Rutherford. “The drywall hadn’t been taken down. No progress had been made yet, even though it had been several days since the storm.

“We asked the homeowners how they were doing. They just stared and looked like, ‘I don’t know.’ So we told them, ‘We can do this together. We can take this out and there is a plan to start over.’”

About 25 students from UH...

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Texas Baptist family circles around new pastor, church affected by Hurricane Harvey

by John Hall, Contributing Writer

Ryan Chandler’s first pastorate began like few – if any – others. To begin with, it began before it started.

Chandler moved to Orange Aug. 26, more than two weeks before he was to become pastor of Trinity Baptist Church. Three days later, Hurricane Harvey dumped more than 20 inches of rain on the city, flooding homes and destroying cars.

The pastor-to-be and his family evacuated to San Antonio. He returned to a city largely without power or water Sept. 3.

“It was just crazy around Orange,” he said. “Our house wasn’t flooded, thank goodness. But the city was a disaster zone. Streets were...

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TBM/Texas Baptists Volunteer Villages open for groups to serve Harvey-affected areas

HOUSTON–Three Texas Baptist Men/Texas Baptists Volunteer Villages are now open and accepting groups to serve in Harvey-affected areas. TBM and Texas Baptists are partnering to invite volunteer groups to work on homes and churches damaged by the hurricane and subsequent flooding throughout Houston and East Texas.

Mickey Lenamon, TBM executive director, urged groups to participate, saying, “We are open for business, but we can only do as much work as we have volunteers to do it.”

TBM/Texas Baptists Volunteer Village locations include First Baptist Church of Nederland, Sugar Land Baptist Church and Kingsland Baptist Church in Katy...

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FBC Huffman provides shelter, resources and hope in the midst of Harvey Recovery

Even as darkness fell and waters were rising on Aug. 25 when Hurricane Harvey made landfall, the people of God quickly came together to be the glimmering beacon of hope that Texas needed.

The following Sunday, Pastor Mike Martin of First Baptist Church of Huffman made several visits around town before the heavy rains hit. He stopped at the local volunteer fire department and told them the church was available if they needed help. Within an hour, the fire department contacted him and asked if the church could be used as a shelter.

By the time the storms arrived in Huffman, a small town in Harris County, members of the church...

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Texas Baptists at work to provide Harvey relief efforts through partnerships

The devastation Ryan Rush, senior pastor of Kingsland Baptist Church in Katy, has witnessed in recent days is heartbreaking.

“We’ve seen hundreds of our neighbors lose everything they owned, and the idea of the work ahead is overwhelming. The thing that sustains us, however, is the incredible way this disaster has brought together the Body of Christ as we seek to share the love of Jesus with our community,” Rush said.

Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the Gulf Coast of Texas Aug. 25 as a category four hurricane, causing unprecedented destruction. Damage in Texas stretches from Corpus Christi to Beaumont, with an estimated...

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7 Tips for when disaster damages your church building

When storms damage your church building consider these options:

Watch out for live wires.

Be very aware of exposed electrical hazards and submerged live power hazards. Take proper precautions. Keep people out of hazardous conditions.

Watch out for nails. 

Wear strong soled shoes and boots in debris and submerged areas. Soft soled shoes, sneakers and sandals make you vulnerable to stepping on nails.

Consider covering it up. 

Usually you should tarp any openings like roofs, walls, doors and windows to reduce additional rain and water damage to the interior of the building. Be sure to check with your insurer though, since...

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BOUNCE revises schedule to serve in Harvey-affected areas

DALLAS–In response to the devastating destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey, BOUNCE, the student disaster recovery ministry of Texas Baptists, has revised the 2018 schedule for spring break and summer mission trips to solely serve Harvey-affected areas along the Gulf Coast.

“We have revised our BOUNCE schedule to mobilize student youth groups to Harvey-affected areas for long-term recovery efforts,” said David Scott, director of BOUNCE. “Our BOUNCE Advisory Group agreed this is reason BOUNCE was created. We also had full support from our ministry partners in the cities of Birmingham, Waco, Fort Worth, Lubbock and Bartlesville...

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Texas Baptists response to Hurricane Harvey

Updated message posted on August 28, 2017 at 4:00 p.m.

Hurricane Harvey’s impact on the Gulf Coast has been catastrophic, and the storm is likely to cause additional damage for days to come. Some 13 million Texans are currently under a flood watch or warning.

At this time, we are supporting Texas Baptist Men in their disaster relief efforts. TBM units are deployed to several areas across the Gulf Coast and are providing meals as well as shower and laundry services. More than 7,000 trained volunteers are on active alert and ready to respond.

Many of our Texas Baptists churches are actively involved in relief and recovery efforts...

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