Certification Courses

Basic Certificate

Essentials of Ministry

What is your call to ministry? This is much more than a job. It is a calling and commitment. Ensuring a strong philosophy as well as how to communicate is emphasized during this time.

Theology of Children

What does the Bible say about children? How does God view children? This seminar deals with what the Bible says and how this relates to the importance of Preschool and Children’s Ministries.

Principles of Teaching

What teaching style needs to be incorporated with Preschoolers and Children? Why is it important? This seminar will deal with learning through activities, room arrangements and class schedule.

Characteristics of Preschoolers and Children

The reasons we teach preschoolers and children as we do rests in the facts that research has told us about their characteristics.

Advanced Certificate

Special Needs Ministry

Each church should minister to everyone in the community, even families that might have a child/adult with special needs. How do we reach those families? This seminar will address what your church can do and how to minister to these families.

Family Ministry

As a minister, it is imperative to be involved with the family unit, but how do you get to know families and what they want? This seminar deals with getting to know families and developing seminars, Bible Studies and events to meet their needs.

Guidance in the Classroom

Discipline is the number one reason Bible Study teachers quit. How can the minister learn to keep great teachers from becoming discouraged and quitting? This seminar will address how to guide the classroom and maintain order.

How to Choose Curriculum

We teach preschoolers and children, not curriculum, but curriculum guides the learning of Preschoolers and Children. How do you know you are using the best curriculum for them?

Leadership in the Church

The importance of maintaining records and evaluating the yearly calendar to make sure there is an intentional balance of Bible content taught in fun and serious times will be covered in this seminar.

Ministry or Programming

Is your church being intentional in teaching Bible content to Preschoolers and Children? Is there a balance of your ministry design? This seminar will help evaluate the spiritual development of ministries.

Implementation of a Safe Ministry Area

Safety, security and screening are necessary components of Childhood Ministry. This seminar helps you evaluate and compare what others are doing, then provides the tools to meet these needs.