Music & Worship

Music and Worship is a vital aspect of a church’s ministry. We are here to encourage spiritual growth and to provide resources for the development of music ministries in churches through training, support, fellowship and spiritual encouragement for ministers of music and church music leadership.

Karen Witcher

Events Coordinator, Music & Worship Ministry

(214) 828-5247

Barbara Forbis

Ministry Assistant | Music Specialist, Music & Worship Ministry

(214) 828-5246

Dan Turner

Consultant, Music & Worship Ministry

(806) 930-4411

The Singing Women of Texas recently celebrated their 20th Anniversary. To view photos of the event, please click below.

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Worship Summit
Abilene, TX
Fiesta Ring
San Antonio, TX
11/07/14 – 11/08/14
Children’s Worship University
Lewisville, TX
01/23/15 – 01/24/15
Instrumental Convergence
Tyler, TX


Our staff is available to assist music ministers, pastors and lay leaders in discovering resources or setting up consultations to help with transitioning worship in the church. Please feel free to contact either Karen Witcher or Barbara Forbis with any questions or requests.

Technology for Worship

Our state training events and links to resources can help your music ministry leaders learn about the ever-changing technology available for worship. Additionally, our staff is available to help you identify resources or personnel available to help resolve your specific technology issues. Please feel free to contact either Karen Witcher or Barbara Forbis with any questions or requests.

Singing Men and Women of Texas

There are 6 regional chapters of the Singing Men of Texas and 8 chapters Singing Women of Texas. The Singing Men groups are comprised primarily of ministers of music. Pastors, other church or associational staff members and laymen actively involved in the music ministry of churches in the region are also welcome to participate. The Singing Women groups are composed of women who are actively involved in their church music ministry or in professional positions of church music service. Each chapter generally meets once a month for an afternoon rehearsal and concert.

Singing MenSinging Women