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The Christian Life Commission aids Texas Baptists, churches, communities and government leaders give voice to critical issues in society from a Christian and biblical perspective.

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Interested in CLC Advocacy Day?

Listen below as Kathryn Freeman, public policy director, talks about Advocacy Day and why churches should be politically involved.

Advocacy Alert: Payday Reform Legislation in Committee This Week

by Kathryn Freeman — April 27, 2015

Several good payday lending reform bills have been set for a hearing this week. We are requesting Texas Baptists make plans to testify at the hearings or call committee members voicing their support for these bills.

When calling the Committee members here’s a sample script of what you can say when you call.

Hello my name is __________. I would like to register my support of bill numbers ________. I support reforming the payday/auto title industry to ensure fair loan products that allow for borrower and lender... [continue]

Ethics & Justice

We seek to provide online resources on an array of ethical topics that point toward a Christ-centered approach to living. Issues we focus on include: Hunger & Poverty, Citizenship and Ethical Choices. We also feature an Ethical Living Blog. To learn more, please visit our Ethics & Justice pages or contact Ferrell Foster at: .

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Public Policy

Christian citizenship is a response to the call of God and the example of the ministry of Jesus Christ in the world. As caring Christians, we are called to reach out to the needs of the world with talents, spiritual gifts and compassion. Because of this, our Public Policy branch has provided information on public policy issues such as Criminal Justice, Alcohol & Addiction, Education and Gambling, so that the world we live in can reflect Biblical truth. To learn more, please visit our Public Policy pages or contact Kathryn Freeman at: .

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Ministry Impact

Our ministry impact focuses on issues we feel are highly important in today’s culture. Our three main focuses are on church law, hunger and poverty and immigration. To learn more, please visit our Ministry Impact pages or contact Julie Valentine at: .

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Texas Baptists are working together with many Baptist partners in Texas and around the world to show Christ’s love and generosity by meeting immediate hunger needs and helping people escape the devastation of poverty. Alongside these trusted partners, the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering seeks to empower those in need by funding relief and development projects that are holistic and sustainable. Click here to learn more.