Education, coupled with nutritious food, is a key ingredient in proper human development, which makes possible a wide array of benefits for the individual and society. Christians see each person as intrinsically valuable. As a result, we promote education to enhance the development of a person’s God-given abilities and purposes. It is part of the human flourishing God desires.

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Therefore: Baptists and Public Education

At no time since its fragile beginnings has public education more desperately needed clear understanding and strong support than right now. The challenges which schools face are worth our best efforts because the stakes are so high. Let it be said of this generation of citizens that we recognized the challenges and we rose up to meet them. Click here to read more.

Teachers, we thank you for helping us become all that God intended

Their names stick in my mind with the glue of memory -- Moore, Smith, Emerson, Coffman, and Sandoz. They left more than their names in my mind; they were my teachers.

Another school year closes, and it seems appropriate to remember our teachers. They pour their lives into their students, and then those receivers of the gift of learning rush out into life. Teachers leave deep impressions whether or not they ever know the specifics. My teachers did -- for good and ill.

Ms. Moore, of grade one, accused me of lying. I... [continue]