Pause & Pray

Texas Campuses Engaged with the Gospel

This past Tuesday collegiate students around the country intentionally engaged at least one person with the gospel through an initiative called Engage24. Many TxBSM’s had booths, prayer tents, survey’s, and engaged their peers with the gospel. Shea, student at UT, Dallas and State Lead Team member was challenged theWednesday before to choose someone she wanted to share the gospel with on 10.14.14. She chose Nicolette, a fellow student whom she had wanted to share the gospel with, but had not had a chance to talk with her alone. Shea shares, “Tuesday I had an exam so I go out of class early, and she also happened to be out of her class early. We got to have a conversation about her beliefs and the gospel! It was a great answer to prayer and I think it will open the door for more conversations in the future.”

Later, Shea helped out at the UTD Engage24 outreach booth where she and other UTD students were able to share the gospel with a ton of people! She shared, “we used a survey that was really easy to transition to the gospel! I got to share with a lot of new people, and also some people from my classes. We also got to talk to some international students who we have been developing relationships with throughout the semester. I was so encouraged by how God worked yesterday.”

Pausing & Praying with you,


Ways to Pray

Thank you for praying for students as they engaged their campus on 10.14.14! Continue praying for:

  • Shea’s friend, Nicolette, as she has heard the gospel. Now pray she receives it and chooses to follow Christ. Pray boldness for Shea to continue to invest in her life.
  • Students engaged with the Gospel on 10.14.14. Pray for the Holy Spirit to stir in their hearts and that they would not rest until Christ becomes Lord of their life.
  • Revival to begin on Tx college campuses.