Pause & Pray

Diwali & Jesus

The Texas Women’s University BSM recently had an opportunity to connect a traditional Indian celebration to Jesus Christ. Mika Sumpter, director, shares how the celebration went.

“For our Free Lunch, close to Diwali, we chose to do a Diwali Lunch. We put up lights and had Indian food and made sure that the international students knew about it. (Most of the international students at TWU are from India) We did not know how the Indian food would go over, but we went ahead and went all out.

It was out of this world!

Students enjoyed the music and the lights and the food! We talked about the holiday and connected it to how we need Jesus. It gave our student leaders at the tables opportunities to share about Jesus

Ways to Pray

Pray for the TWU staff: Rest. In order to meet with students and to disciple them and to meet with new students, we need more rest.

Pray for the TWU BSM leadership: For them to dig into the Word! When they meet with God in His Word, it will change them and rejuvenate them. We pray for them to meet daily with God!

Pray for the TWU campus: For Believers to Step up and Share Jesus to those around them. We pray that it will be like a ripple effect and revival will happen!

Campus Spotlight

Texas Woman’s University

Staff Names:

  • Mika Sumpter, since 2000
  • Sharel Gaskey, CMI since Spring 2014; student from Fall 2010-May 2013


Our Campus is known for: Nursing, Diversity, Music Therapy Having the Largest Public University in the US primarily for Women (we have men, but mostly women are here).

What major has the largest number of students? The college of nursing has the most students, but Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy have a lot as well.

What celebrities/famous person attended/graduated from your campus? Anne Rice, Louise Ritter

The biggest need of our campus is: Jesus! For students to see that they need a personal relationship with Jesus and not just a religion. To have more than a checklist, but to have that relationship with him.

How have you seen God work on your campus? the unifying of believers and with student leaders sharing with their friends in their relationships without having to have a script of what to say. When we started doing IHOPP, which is International House of Prayer and Pancakes on campus, we saw this in a big way. Students had the opportunity to see students need prayer and to pray with them one-on-one! Prayer and talking to students about what is really important brings out Jesus in a big way!

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