Pause & Pray

Is there a God?

Associate Director, Chase Jacobs’ account of meeting Daniel and God’s intervention.

“Daniel aimlessly came into our building thirty minutes before the first midweek free lunch of the semester, wondering where the free food was. As I engaged him to explain that he was almost an hour early, I was able to use the opportunity to start a friendly conversation. Very quickly he disclosed that he hadn’t “done anything religious” since he was about twelve, and wasn’t sure that there even was a God. I knew it was no coincidence that he had arrived so early.

I began to ask David several questions about why he held some of the views he did, and, sensing that he considered himself to be a very logical, rational person, and prompted by the Holy Spirit, I began to present David with some apologetic arguments. I love apologetics—especially the really juicy, cerebral, philosophical stuff—and I find these arguments are invaluable in convincing believers of thereasonableness of our own faith. But to be honest there haven’t been many times when I’m engaging in evangelism that ideas like the ontological or teleological proofs for the existence of God have contributed much to the effort. This conversation was very different. I credit David for his genuine open-mindedness, and more importantly God for his opening David’s heart, because after two hours (and not a few free hot dogs), David had gone from wondering if there even was a God, to asking how he could know Jesus better as God and Savior of the world!

This student has since joined us in our bible studies and is looking to get involved serving in one of our ministry teams so that he can hear more about Jesus and the God who not only exists but is reconciling the lost to himself through Jesus Christ.

Pausing & Praying with you,


Ways to Pray

  • Pray for the UNT staff: energy! We are preparing to move out of our BSM building to start construction for a new building.
  • Pray for the UNT BSM leadership: pray that they would continue to desire to disciple other students!
  • Pray for the UNT campus: Pray for the Harvest! We know God is at work and desire to see our campus changed by the Gospel.