Pause & Pray

International Dinner

The University of Texas – El Paso BSM was asked to help with the first annual international dinner hosted at the dorms. Christ Smith, BSM director said, “we were able to provide some turkeys and students to be table leaders for group discussions.” With over 200 students, from all around the globe, present that night the UTEP BSM students were able to sit at the tables and make connections with the international students and students from the dorms that attended. The opportunity to meet students was vast, but as Chris Smith said, “the biggest blessing was that it was an opportunity for the BSM to SERVE and more doors were opened for future ministry that were not previously there.

Ways to Pray

Pray for the UTEP staff: We are praying that we will finish strong this semester not letting the second half of the semester pass with out having impact on our students.

Pray for the UTEP BSM leadership: Pray for our team to continue to grow and multiply itself to replace the graduating leaders

Pray for the UTEP campus: We are praying for students to respond to the gospel message that is shared every week on our campus. We want to see fruit and we are asking God to let us be apart of his work.

Campus Spotlight

University of Texas – El Paso

Staff Names: Chris Smith, Beto Gonzalez, Faby Ibarra


What major has the largest number of students? Engineering

What celebrities/famous person attended/graduated from your campus? Nate Archibald (top 50 NBA player all time), Tim Hardaway (NBA all star), John D Olivas (astronaut on Atlantis shuttle)

The biggest need of our campus is? Our campus had opened itself up to all kinds of false religious influences for example we have Bhutanese temple in the middle of campus, Bhutanese prayer garden on campus and other architecture based on that religion. Our students see religion and are missing a relationship with Christ.

How have you seen God work on your campus? We have seen God work through our soccer team. We started with bringing chocolate milk to the team after practice once a week because there was one believer on the team that wanted to reach her team four years ago. Now we have seen five of the team members be baptized in this calendar year and over half the team attends our weekly bible study for athletes.

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