Pause & Pray

Students Reaching Students

Students reaching students on the campus of Texas Tech University can be readily seen through the Tech BSM Campus Groups (small groups). One group in particular, is led by Stephen. As he started his group off this Spring, many of the students in the group wanted to meet up more than once a week in order to get a better understanding of the story of the Bible. So as they started doing so, they began to see their group grow.

One girl, Jennifer*, began to bring a friend of hers named Cindy. In turn, Cindy began bringing James, her boyfriend. Both Cindy and James don’t know much about the Bible. Then a guy in the group named Aaron began inviting a couple of guys of which one is Brian. Brian is Jewish and is really seeking to know more about Jesus. A girl named Katy was also invited to attend and as she was invited, asked if it would be okay to bring her boyfriend who is not a Christian. And finally, because of Stephen, the small group leader, there is Jim and Heather. His invitation to them, of which both are not believers, has spurned an interest in them to seek what the Bible is about.

“Each week,” says Stephen, “we never know who might show up. It’s exciting!”

*All the group members names have been changed

Pausing & Praying with you,

Campus Spotlight

Texas Tech University

Staff Names: Jeff Kennon, Director – 8 years; Taylor Davies, Associate Director – 8 months; Cindy McBrayer, Cross-Cultural Specialist – 3 years (Cindy served 5 years as Associate Director from 1978-1982); Kareen Lively, Office Manager – 4 years


What is your campus known for? Our Campus is known, according to author James Michener, for being the most beautiful campus west of the Mississippi. Tech is also the only institution in Texas to have all 3 units, undergraduate institution, law school, and med school on the same campus.

What major has the largest number of students? Engineering

What celebrities/famous person attended/graduated from your campus? Rick Husband (Former NASA Astronaut) We Welker (NFL Player for New England Patriots) Scott Pelley (CBS Evening News Anchor)

What is the biggest need of your campus? The biggest need of our campus is for students to understand the grace and mercy of God found in the gospel as many see Christianity as a religion of just do’s and don’t‘s.

How have you seen God work on your campus? EveryFriday, we have students go out on campus to ask other students how we can pray for them and to share the gospel. As we have done so, we have witnessed much openness to discuss spiritual matters.

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Ways to Pray

Praise God for the campus groups taking place on the Tech campus.

Pray for the students who are in Stephen’s campus group to keep asking questions about God AND choose to accept Jesus as Lord of their life.

For the Texas Tech Staff: Endurance and patience as we continue to train students in being disciples who make disciples of Jesus Christ.

For the Texas Tech BSM Leadership:Faithfulness in doing the seemingly small things that have a big impact in making disciples of other students.

For the Texas Tech Campus: Our prayer for the campus is that the gospel seeds that have been planted will grow to life in Christ.