Pause & Pray

Meeting Needs @ Texas Women’s:

In Mark 12:31, Jesus tells us to “love your neighbor.” All TxBSM’s attempt to fulfill what Jesus was talking about in Mark, Love God and Love Others. Sometimes this looks like passing out popsicles, sometimes it looks like offering to pray for a peer, and sometimes it looks like meeting someone at the point of their greatest need. Texas Women’s University BSM students were able to experience this first hand.

Mika Sumpter, TWU missionary, shares how her students stepped in to love on a peer in need. “One of our young mothers found out that her husband was leaving her. She quickly had to figure out childcare for her two young children so that she could go to work. I saw our student leaders jump right in and make sure that all her childcare needs were covered. After everything had been arranged, her husband changed his mind and decided to come home. I’d like to believe that he wanted to make sure he was the one taking care of his family.” No matter the outcome these students took what Jesus was saying in Mark 12 seriously and loved on their peer.

Pausing & Praying with you,

Ways to Pray

  • Pray for the TWU BSM students to continue to boldly love their peers, no matter what!
  • Pray for this student – that her marriage would be restored and center around Jesus Christ.

Missionary Spotlight

Name:Mika Sumpter

Campus: Texas Women’s University

Where did you grow up? Grew up in Green Forest, Arkansas and Mountain View, Oklahoma (definitely NOT Texas…) What is your favorite thing about TxBSM? I get to see students as they come to campus and grow in all areas of their life as they learn about who God has called them to be. First as a Christ-follower and then as one who makes disciples. I love seeing them grow and get involved and explore new things! Seeing who and what God has called you to be in amazing. Knowing you are a part of that in a small way makes life the best adventure ever!

How do you spend your free time? I have two teenage boys now… so my free time is spent watching soccer or taking someone to soccer or to whatever event or place they are supposed to be. When I have time for myself, I like to read and drink coffee.

What is your favorite book, outside of the Bible? This is truly a hard question. I LOVE books. I’m going to go to the book that literally changed things for me in college. The BSM Director I was meeting with made me read it and I am very thankful. It’s really a favorite of mine of all times. Concentric Circles of Concern by Oscar Thompson.

What is the most pressing prayer request for your campus? The majority of our students are female and they are looking for someone to love them. Many do not come from traditional families where both parents not only live in the home, but they have not always seen godly examples of father figures. Pray for students to seek godly relationships and learn how to find their self-worth in who God has made them not another person.

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