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Registration opens Tuesday, April 24 at 8:30 p.m.
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What is Bible Drill/Speakers’ Tournament 2.0? 

A discipleship ministry of scripture memory and application for children and students to internalize the magnitude of God’s love for each one of us.  It is scripture memory, Bible skills, and speech preparation for children and youth to internalize and respond to life’s situations because of their relationship with Jesus Christ. 


The purpose of Bible Drill 2.0 is to begin to develop memory skills, develop skills in effectively handling the Bible, increase the student’s knowledge of the Bible, and learn how to apply the meaning of the passages to their lives.

If participation in Bible Drill/Speakers’ Tournament is just for scripture memory—we lose.  If we learn scripture without meaning—we lose.  If we compete just to win—we lose. When we make the scriptures personal, we are changed and can apply the meaning of scriptures to our lives—we win.

Coordinating Team

This is a team of people from all over Texas who love Bible Drill/Speakers’ Tournament and who desire to see it grow. They are the new backbone of Bible Drill/Speaker’s Tournament.  If you have any questions, please contact the Coordinating Team at


HCSB, KJV, and NIV Verses are available for download in ZIP files.

high school

2018 Calendar

March 11 or 12;  March 17 or 18 – Suggested Church Drill Date

March 24 or 25 – Suggested Associational Drill Date

March 25-27 – Deadline for State/Regional Online Registrations

April 6-7 State (CH)/Regional (YT/HS) Texas Baptists Drills/Speakers’ Tournament (FBC Allen, 201 E McDermott Dr, Allen)

April 13-14 State (CH) Regional (YT/HS) Texas Baptists Drills/Speakers’ Tournament (Tallowood Baptist Church, 555 Tallowood Rd, Houston)

April 20-21 – State (CH)/Regional (YT/HS) Texas Baptists Drills/Speakers’ Tournament (FBC Midland, 2104 W Louisiana, Midland)

April 28 – State Youth/High School Drills/Speakers’ Tournament (Dallas Baptist University)

Registration for Regionals/State will open on Sunday afternoon, March 25, at 6:00 pm.  It will close on Tuesday, March 27 at 11:59 p.m.   

GENERAL SCHEDULE - State (CH)/Regional (YT/HS) BGCT Drills /Speakers’ Tournament


  • 5:00 pm – Registration opens
  • 6:00 pm – Competition begins
  • 9:00 pm – Friday evening awards session


  • 8:00 am – Registration opens
  • 8:30 am – Competition begins
  • 11:30 am – Saturday awards session

For information on Church and Associational Drills, please contact your church and/or association.


We have gathered lots of Bible Drill information together in our handbook. This handbook provides guidelines and help with some of the most commonly asked questions.

Download Handbook

Scholarship Information

Four of our Texas Baptist Universities will offer scholarships to the winners of Bible Drill and Speakers Tournament.  These scholarships are offered by the universities themselves, so contact will be made directly to them.

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What versions of the Bible can we use?

For 2017-2018, you will choose among the following Bibles:

  • New International Version (NIV) (ChurchSource, item #200172, Burgundy hard cover) 
  • King James Version (KJV) (LifeWay, ISBN # 9-781-5864-0945-6, Blue hard cover)
  • Holman Christian Standard (HCSB) (LifeWay, ISBN # 9-781-4336-0364-8, Burgundy hardcover) 

Your local Lifeway Store may stock carton quantities, but if not then store managers can place special orders for churches for the carton quantities at a 30% discounted price. Smaller quantities may be ordered at the regular price in stores or online. 

For 2018-2019, you will be able to use the following Bibles:

  • New International Version (NIV) (ChurchSource, item #200172, Burgundy hard cover) 
  • King James Version (KJV) (LifeWay, ISBN # 9-781-5864-0945-6, Blue hard cover
  • No Holman Christian Standard Bibles will be used for drilling in Regionals and State in 2019. 
  • Christian Standard Bible (LifeWay)ISBN is not available at this time.   As we receive more information, we will pass that on to you.

Bibles used during Regional and State Competition: BGCT will no longer provide Bibles at the Regional and State Competitions.  Each church will be responsible for providing their children and students with the Bibles they are using to drill.  

How do I begin Bible Drill/Speakers’ Tournament? 

Great resources are:

  • Bible Drill Competition Guide:  Games and Activities for Blue, Red and Green Cycles ISBN:  978-1-4158-7328-1 
  • For 2018, Bible Skills, Drills and Thrills:  Red Cycle  ISBN:  978-1-4300-3652-4
    To download the NIV supplement for this curriculum, click below.

    NIV supplement

  • King James and Holman may be purchased at Lifeway Stores 
  • NIV Bibles can be ordered online at or call ChurchSource at 800-727-3480 for assistance.  (Burgundy Hard Cover)
  • HCSB, KJV, and NIV Verses are available for download in ZIP files:
    Children |  Youth |  High School

Youth Speakers’ Tournament Topics – Red Cycle

  • All Gifts Come From God
  • Beauty Inside Out
  • Being A Servant For God
  • Be Strong In The Lord
  • Character Versus Comfort
  • How Shall They Hear?
  • I Believe The Bible
  • Is Heaven For Real?
  • Light And Salt
  • Multiplying My Gifts
  • My Witness
  • Power From Prayer
  • Prayer Changes Things
  • Saved To Serve
  • The Cost Of Being Different
  • Truths For Tough Times
  • Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk
  • What Is A Disciple?
  • Wonderfully Made
  • Why I Study The Bible


Speaker Power:  How to Get it and Use It
by Steve Williams   
Cost:  $8

This is a helpful book for Youth Speakers’ Tournament participants and leaders.  It includes sections on Choosing a Topic, Developing Your Speech, practice tips and Giving Your Speech.  
To order, contact Sarah Johnson at 214-828-5205

Sample Drills

Church Drills

  • Children's Bible Drill - Red Cycle:  Word | PDF
  • Youth Bible Drill - Red Cycle:  Word | PDF
  • High School Bible Drill - Red Cycle:  Word | PDF

Associational Drills
        Sample Associational Drills may be obtained by emailing