Pray 4 Every Home

What if we prayed for every home in Texas? Prayer is the first step of evangelism! We encourage believers to join a collaborative prayer effort of many churches to pray for every household in the state--by name. Imagine what God might do! Click here to learn more.


What could be more exciting and rewarding than encouraging children as they begin their faith journey and learn about God’s love? KidsFaith is an interactive journal designed to guide ten faith conversations with kids. Click here to learn more.

4xFour Challenge

It takes people to reach people. Is any one method better than the other when we seek to share Christ? Started in August 2000, 4xFour is a process we use to reach people with the Gospel. Click here to learn more.

[un]Apologetic Conferences

Addressing current ways to remove obstacles to evangelism with post moderns, Muslims and diverse cultural issues. Click here to learn more.

Life Change - New Believer Devotional

Designed for counseling people who make decisions for Christ. Contains four weeks of Bible studies and 28 daily quiet times that focus on developing a relationship with God. Learn more...