Your church's connection to on going world missions

Baptists have had a powerful cooperative effort in sending missionaries for years and we continue to support that effort. Some churches have decided to send missionaries on their own and we want to support that as well. Texas Baptist's primary role in church based mission sending is to be a connecting point. For missionaries and churches that are approved, Texas Baptists will set up a giving/opportunity webpage and will provide resources to help you understand how to fundraise. At this time, because of generous gifts to the cooperative program, BGCT does not charge any fees for the giving or opportunity page. One hundred percent of every dollar you raise is sent to your sending church and on to you.

The list below is a number of agencies that have partnered with Texas Baptists in the past that facilitate long term overseas missionaries.

Act Beyond

Dacey Hodges, Director of Recruiting
(469) 814-8232

(877) 767-7426

e3 Partners

Janel Blood
(978) 254-1332

Greater European Mission

Adam Gascho
(800) 436-4488


Earl Hewitt
(888) 422-6461

International Commission

Mark Hill, VP of Enlistment
(214) 488-2555

Restore Hope

Cindy Wiles, Executive Director
(817) 276-6495

SIM - Serving in Missions

Dan Linsz
(800) 521-6449

World Team

Tom Sheppard, Director of Mobilization
(215) 491-4949

Wycliffe Bible Translators
(800) 992-5433