Church to Community Partnerships

Sponsoring Students through Siloe Baptist School, Haiti

We would like to offer your church the opportunity to partner with Haitian believers by sponsoring the education of the children attending the Siloe Baptist School in Grand Goave, Haiti.

The humble nation of Haiti was blasted to worldwide, front-page news in January 2010, when a 7.0-magnitude earthquake rattled this tiny country to pieces. Charitable organizations from a multitude of backgrounds rushed from across the globe to help the people of Haiti recover, but what many of them did not realize was that Haiti was in a state of emergency long before earth gave out from under them.

Haiti is one of the most impoverished nations in the world. Some even argue that it is the most impoverished nation in the world! Extreme, chronic, generational poverty plagues the overwhelming majority of Haiti’s population. Generation after generation of Haitians have been born into poverty and have died in it, without hope of change or advancement. The Siloe Baptist School in Grand Goave is dedicated to breaking that cycle.With the comparatively low quality of education available in their free, public schools, about 90% of Haitian schoolchildren attend private or church-run schools. For the poorest of these children, not only their future and their very survival depend on their school attendance.

What Can I Do?

A mere $15 a month could pay for one student’s education, including tuition, books, uniform, backpack, and school supplies.

ABC Food Events

ABC (All Because of Christ) food packing events are exciting opportunities for churches and associations to provide a meaningful, hands-on project for all ages. Volunteers can literally feed thousands of hungry and starving children through this project!

At an ABC food event, participants will package, weigh, seal, and box up the finished product and prepare for shipment to Haiti where starvation and malnutrition are rampant. Participants will also donate or raise money needed for each packaging session worked to cover the cost of the food, bags, boxes, and shipping costs.

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BGR Bucket Project

We are involving churches around the U.S. in meeting the critical needs of people overseas in the last stages of terminal illness. For the last three years, Baptist Global Response has sent nearly 5,000 “buckets of love” to countries like Swaziland, Mozambique, Lesotho and South Africa where HIV/AIDS has crippled populations and in many cases, wiped out entire communities.

The Bucket Project Hospice Kits (formerly called “In-Home Care Kits”) are 5-gallon plastic buckets filled with medical and hygiene supplies, all hand-picked to provide for the specific needs of AIDS victims and their caregivers. One kit costs between $80-$90 plus shipping. There is a Step-by-Step Assembly Guide (PDF) and a detailed Shopping List (PDF) for preparing and sending your Hospice Kit.

Make sure you visit the BGR Bucket Project Official Webpage to be certain you are fully prepared to participate in this project.

Texas Coordinators for this project are Franklin and Paula Kilpatrick (retired IMB missionaries from Zambia who distributed buckets in their ministry there). They live in Houston and are available to come to any event and speak about “The Bucket Project” or man a Bucket booth.

Franklin and Paula Kilpatrick, Texas Coordinators
First Baptist Church Jacinto City
10701 Wiggins St.
Houston, TX 77029
Phone: (713) 472-6571

If your congregation is interested in one or more of these partnerships, please contact Marla Bearden at or (214) 828-5382 or Gerald Davis at or (214) 828-5392.

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Church to Church Partnerships

Church Partnerships Available in Maine

Texas Baptist churches are being offered the chance to forward the Kingdom of God in one of the darkest corners of our nation by partnering with three local churches in Maine.

New England is not the bastion of evangelical culture that it is often thought to be: roughly 97% of Maine’s population of 1.3 million has no relationship with Christ Jesus. A scant 23 congregations comprise the Maine Baptist Association, and as such, these churches bear a massive weight of responsibility for the spiritual state of their communities. What’s more, the three following congregations each have unique burdens of their own, ranging from financial struggles to sickness within their leadership.

Kennebec Community Church (KCC)
KCC was planted in 2005. For the past eight years, this congregation has flourished from only a handful of attendees to more than 180. They have averaged 35 baptisms a year, are active in their community, have a good reputation amongst their neighbors, and have even planted two other churches. Sadly, however, the building they are leasing only seats about 85, and they have had to establish three Sunday services in order to accommodate their attendance.

With continued growth foremost in their minds, the members of KCC have sought out a new building for their church home. The property they are looking to purchase was formerly a Catholic church and is being offered for $585,000 (less than half its valued price).

Farmington Baptist Church (FBC)
FBC has been serving their community for 26 years. Two years ago, they were running 225 in attendance, but on April 3, 2011, their pastor, Earl Edgerly, suffered a stroke. For a while after this tragedy, they shrank back to only 60 weekly attendees, but have since recovered to about 100. Church leadership is now seeking a bi-vocational pastor, able to work ¾ to full time.

FBC is seeking support for their prospective pastor, whom they hope to pay $1000-$1500 a month for 18-24 months. This will give them time and financial space to pay off their building’s mortgage and then begin providing their pastor’s salary themselves.

Living Water Community Church (LWCC)
After 18 months with an interim minister, LWCC is also seeking to hire a new pastor. The relocation of many local companies gutted this congregation’s leadership and lowered their average membership from 130 to 40. What’s more, the extreme cold of New England winters drives the average church’s heating bill up to $3000 a month.

LWCC will need help for about 18-24 months with their pastor’s salary, which will be $1000-$1500 a month.

Church Partnerships Available in Haiti

Texas Baptists Disaster Recovery would like to offer you and your congregation an opportunity to partner with a congregation in Petit-Goave, Hait, as they continue to rebuild their church and education center in the wake of the 2010 earthquake.

What Happened?
Over three and a half years have passed since Haiti suffered the historic earthquake that rattled their country in January 2010. Recovering from any disaster takes time, and Haiti’s recovery has been no exception, especially given how fragile and precarious much of the nation’s infrastructure already was before the quake. What’s more, recovery has continued to be hampered by tropical storms like Hurricane Sandy, which destroyed thousands of homes and killed more than 50 people in 2012.

What is Being Done?
Pastor Garnel Joseph of Philadelphia Baptist Church (PBC) in Petit-Goave has been leading his congregation in the restoration of their church building since recovery work began in his community. With the support of Texas Baptists, PBC was able to reconstruct the first floor of their complex, which houses their main worship center. Now, they have begun construction on the second floor of the church, where they will host Bible classes and job skills training for adults in the community. The project is well underway, but much work still remains: the walls must be roughcast, doors and windows must be installed, and ceramic flooring is needed, as are plumbing and electricity. The estimated cost to complete the work is $16,500 (USD).

What Can We Do?
Philadelphia Baptist Church is looking for an American congregation to partner with them as they continue to move forward in the restoration of their building and their community. This church, named for the “city of brotherly love,” is seeking a sister church to stand with them as they pray for, finance, and carry out this project. They will need the spiritual and financial assistance of another congregation, as well as willing hands to assist in the continued construction of their building.

If your church is interested in committing to a long-term relationship with any of these congregations, contact Marla Bearden at or 214-828-5382 or Gerald Davis at or 214-828-5392 at Texas Baptists Disaster Recovery.