Shalom Builders

Shalom Builders – the new Texas Baptists Disaster Recovery initiative – aims to mobilize trained and equipped construction workers to areas affected by disaster. Our goal is to continue rebuilding until God’s shalom, or God’s wholeness, returns to the affected area. We currently have a number of projects needing volunteers in Austin, TX, West, TX, and Eagle Pass, TX.

Gerald Davis

Disaster Recovery & Development Specialist, Disaster Recovery

(214) 828-5392

West, TX

Thank You Texas Baptists Shalom Builders. Several of the homes in West that were adopted by the Shalom Builders are almost done and are the final stages of being completed. Some of these families are still in need of appliances and furniture. Families can be adopted by contacting the TBDR office via the contact information below. Thanks to the Hope Plantation Turf Company which is located in Bonham, Texas, sod has been donated to cover 5 homes in West.

Over 2,000 Texas Baptist volunteers were involved in the clean-up and demolition phases of the disaster recovery in West. God has been faithful and continues to pour out many blessing on the entire community of West. Praise God for what He has done.

More skilled and experienced volunteers are still needed to assist families in rebuilding their homes, many of which are uninsured or under-insured. TBDR remains in partnership with the Long-term Recovery Team to assist families recovering from the disaster which has lasted over a year and a half.

Austin and Eagle Pass, TX

Many Texas residents are still living in substandard housing caused by floods last year in both Austin and Eagle Pass. Skilled builders are needed.

Shalom Builders Network

Team leaders, please contact Gerald Davis at (214) 828-5392 to determine what project best fits your group. Volunteers over the age of 18 need to complete a background check and be credentialed before volunteering with TBDR or the Shalom Builders. Gerald can help you with that process.

Please join our network to begin receiving monthly newsletters that are specific to Shalom Builders Network. Join us at our Shalom Builders Home Rebuild the week of August 9-15, 2015. The rebuild location will be announced soon.

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West, TX

West Projects:


Day Spring Camp
Address: 5882 Rogers Hill Rd., West, TX
Contact: Lori Wymore, (254) 722-5442
Self-serve kitchen facilities are available

Note: Groups are responsible for making their own lodging reservations and providing their own food.