We have created a resource called the “HOPE 1:8 Experience” to take the focus of Acts 1:8 to our churches around the state. The purpose of the HOPE 1:8 Experience is to help you evaluate the people, resources, gifts, skills and passions that God has placed inside your church. We want to help you to answer questions like:

“What is the mission of God for our church?”

“What resources do we have that people around us need?”

“What are mission opportunities in which God has prepared us to be involved?”

We pray that by using the unique strengths of Texas Baptist churches from across the state, we can move outside our walls to impact our communities, our state, our nation and the world.

We must always remember that people from unreached parts of the world are continually moving into our communities. As Texas Baptists, we have an opportunity for every member of our churches to play an active role in mission outreach. God has a distinctive and strategic plan for our churches to reach every people group and to accomplish His purpose in our world.

With the HOPE 1:8 Experience, we hope to start, to encourage and to strengthen an emphasis on missions so Texas Baptist churches can connect God’s kingdom to His mission: Bringing HOPE to everyone.

If you would like more information on how your church can be a part of a HOPE 1:8 Experience, please email Steve Seaberry at or call (214) 828-5180.