Become a Missionary

Urban areas are growing. They are growing faster than any other area in our world. People in urban areas desperately need Jesus in their lives. Maybe you feel called to go as part of a volunteer impact team that works in an urban area once or twice a week. Maybe you want to have an urban weekend or a week-long experience working alongside, learning from, worshiping with and having fellowship with an urban church. Or maybe you want to move to a new level and work full-time or part-time as a volunteer or self-supported missionary in one of the urban areas of our state. Ways to work in urban areas include:

  • church revitalization opportunities
  • helping to strengthen those churches who have made the commitment to stay in a tough place
  • church-starting opportunities
  • youth, children and adults
  • music
  • social
  • pastoral
  • and many other ministry opportunities.
  • Please contact us about ways that we can facilitate this in your church and in your life or ideas for a ministry or a particular calling you may have.

You can also become a part of the prayer team. A bi-monthly email will be sent with the specific prayer requests of missionaries and specific areas where there is need. Also, please call to receive your prayer magnet for urban missions to be placed on the refrigerator (or other prominent place) as one of our prayer partners.

Volunteer Missionary Application

Click here to fill out a volunteer missionary application.

Benefits of Being a Hope 1:8 Missionary

  • Access to exclusive training through the office of Missions Mobilization of the BGCT.
  • Access to archived training programs of the BGCT.
  • Being prayed for: not only will we encourage and train you to raise up your own prayer team, you will also be featured yearly, if not more often, in our bi-monthly prayer email to all of the prayer warriors.
  • Daily access and regular contact with the Director of Urban Missions, who is a seasoned pastor who has successfully worked in an urban setting for several years.
  • Ability to raise support through the BGCT, your sending church, or the ministry you are working in.
  • Training in raising support so that you can be on mission.

Texas Baptists Missionaries

Click here for a full list of our current missionaries and opportunities.