The Baptist General Convention of Texas and the National Baptist Convention of Mexico entered into a covenant partnership in 2011. The Missions Board of the Mexico Convention has shared ten geographical regions in the country where national missionaries could use the help of Texas and Mexico Border churches to plant new churches among fourteen ethno-linguistic Indian groups, as well as in certain non-ethnic regions.

Ethno-Linguistic Groups

  • Pames
  • Totonaco
  • Nahuatl
  • Huastecos Tenek
  • Otomies
  • African descent
  • Mayas
  • Chatinos
  • Zapotecos
  • Mixtecos
  • Popolocas
  • Mazahuatl
  • Mayos

Current Projects

Click on a link below to learn more about projects for joint partnerships between Texas & Mexico border churches:

What to Consider

Here are some things to consider as you look to adopt one of these areas:

Possible Partnerships

There are many partnership possibilities.

  • Upstate church & a border church adopting the same People Group or mission field
  • Mexico border church with Texas border church adopting the same People Group
  • Upstate English language church with Upstate Hispanic church adopting a People Group
  • Multiple English language and Spanish language congregations adopting an unreached field

Some of the ethno-linguistic groups are located in mountainous and rural areas with very rough terrain where participants may have to walk for miles with backpacks in order to do ministry. Cultural orientation will be required for all participants working with the Indian groups to insure a clear understanding of conditions expectations. Due to the difficulty of working in certain areas, it is quite possible that a church might have very few people willing to go and adapt to such conditions. Most of the teams in these more difficult regions will be no larger than 15 people and in some places as few as 5 to10. Those not physically going from the adopting church may assist with prayer, collecting supplies, and helping to provide needed funding for the mission trip to become a realtiy. Some churches may prefer to participate by providing financial support for a Hispanic or border church to be sent to do a culturally contextualized ministry. Since there is much spiritual warfare among many of these groups due to the practice of their native pagan beliefs, such as witchcraft; armies of prayer warriors will be needed to lift up participating groups to the Father.

Prayerfully consider adopting one of these ten mission fields for a three to five year partnership.

Needed Projects

  • Prayer Walking
  • Leadership Equipping Conferences
  • International Crusades
  • Gospel Saturation
  • Student Ministries
  • Evangelism Explosion
  • Construction
  • Community Ministry Needs Assessment
  • Agricultural & Community Development Projects
  • Medical/Dental Clinics
  • Sports Clinics
  • Jesus Film & distribution of Gospel package
  • Partnerships willing to help meet local goals

Other Adoptable Mission Fields

  • La Laguna — Torreon, Coahuilla & Gomez Palacios, Durango
  • State of San Luis Potosí – Only 12 Convention Churches
  • Sierra Gorda & State of Queretaro
  • Rural Communities & Medium Cities of South Veracruz
  • 10-40 Window (Black Heart of Mexico) – State of Guanajuato