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Connecting churches to communities

Connecting churches to their communities through missional training, consulting, coaching and commissioning.

Have you watched the news or read a newspaper lately? You know the world around us is tough and getting tougher. People have all kinds of problems, addictions, pains, habits and sins. They have a hard time breaking away from these terrible habits, and the only hope for them is a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Did you know that 86% of the population of Texas lives in an area that we consider urban?

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Urban areas are growing. They are growing faster than any other area in our world. People in urban areas desperately need Jesus in their lives. Maybe you feel called to go as part of a volunteer impact team that works in an urban area once or twice a week….

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Would you like to support a specific area in the urban center? Your financial gifts, whatever the amount, will go directly to supporting a missionary on the field and you will receive regular reports from these missionaries with prayer requests and what is happening in these areas of ministry. You will know that your support is going directly to these urban ministries. You have the option of sending your funds through the Urban Missions office of the Baptist General Convention of Texas or directly to the church ministry that is working with the missionary. The facilitation of this program is made possible by your gifts to the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

Ryan Jespersen

Director, Urban Missions

(214) 828-5278


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THE BIG DOG and 5 ways to effectively knock on doors

by Ryan Jespersen — September 15, 2014

Clap, Clap, Clap, “This will make the dog leave us alone.”  This was trick the pastor of a church meeting in our building was telling me would help keep a very large, very scary, very loud dog from jumping all over us the minute we walked through the gate. At the moment we pensively walked through the gate I certainly hoped this trick, which he learned on the mission field would actually work. We lived through this one without a scratch, and a couple of thousands other doors as a major attempt to reachour neighbors with the gospel of Christ.

Some have said that knocking on doors is not the way you reach people for…


No they’re not here

by Ryan Jespersen — September 2, 2014

No they’re not here. No they’re not here. No they’re not here.” This is the response that the folks at Grace Temple Baptist Church of Dallas received as they walked down 10th St. on a hot summer day. They were looking for the apartment managers of the many apartment buildings located on their street. Finally, when they arrived at the very last building, someone was willing to talk with them. 

Grace Temple has a dynamic AWANA Program, which reaches dozens of children each week. They desired to expand this program into the apartments on the same street as their church. They begin to pray and ask God to allow that to…