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Ryan Jespersen

Director, Urban Missions

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Lesson learned: The power of words for church leaders

I remember his faithfulness in leading out in the ministry of the church. I remember he was one of the most familiar faces from my childhood. What I will never forget about him is the Sunday evening he stood in a business meeting at our church to discuss some changes and he proclaimed “the church is gone.”

He was actually quoting from a business meeting in that same church that had happened 12 years earlier when the church had split. For me, it was the first time I had ever imagined that a church could or would die. It shook me... [continue]

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Would you pray with us?

The world is coming to Texas, and Texas Baptists are going to the world. Every day, Texas Baptists are working towards the goal of fulfilling the great commission of telling the world about Jesus, and the great commandment of loving the world to Jesus. We would like to invite you to pray with the churches and the missionaries who are doing this great work. Each month you have the opportunity to find out about what God is doing through two prayer guides, one specifically addressing the urban areas of Texas, and one that goes further to give you details about ways to pray for the mission work of Texas Baptists throughout Texas and all over the world.

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If you are a church leader the Texas Baptists Missions Team is available to come to your church to share about how God is working, and ways you can be involved both in prayer, and in action. Remember the larger work of Baptists is not something done by a convention, or association, these are avenues that facilitate the work of our churches. Our presentations can take the form of a Sunday morning or evening message, a joint Sunday school, a Missions banquet, a Wednesday evening prayer meeting, or any other time that your church gathers.

Because of giving to the cooperative program and the Mary Hill Davis offering, our staff can come to your church at no cost. Our promise is two-fold. We will always undergird and support the ministry of the pastor and church leaders, and secondly if your people choose to become a prayer partner with us, we will guard their email addresses and use them for no other purpose besides these monthly prayer guides.

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Request a Missionary

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Church-Based Mission Sending

Church-based Mission Sending offers churches who have a desire to directly support missionaries an opportunity to do so. These missionaries are sent from churches or a group of churches to the mission field, but are provided limited financial support. The Hope 1:8 missionaries network gives our missionaries the ability to raise both funds and prayer supporters. Click here to learn more.

Texas Baptists Missionaries

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Short Term Texas Mission Trips

These short term trips are here to introduce missions to those of you who are still a little unsure of where to start. Don’t worry, we all learned how to crawl before we walked. And how to walk before we ran. Click here for a list of opportunities.