If you are ministering in an urban area, you have unique challenges that only other urban church leaders can understand. The Texas Baptists Urban Church Leaders Certification seeks to equip pastors and church leaders in urban areas with the tools needed to minister in these unique situations. 

If you are interested in being in a group or starting a group please contact urbanmissions@texasbaptists.org. Four courses are required for certification.

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Partnership with Truett Theological Seminary

Up to four of the classes, we offer may count as credit towards Truett Seminary’s 10-course Certificate in Ministry.


Required courses for certification

Choose one of the following — Available late 2017-2018

  • Transitioning the Urban Church
  • Non-traditional Urban Church Planting


  • Raising the Resources for Urban Work
  • Asset Based Community Development
  • Coach/Mentor Seminar
    • This is offered through workshop formats around the states at different times. Click here for upcoming events.

Dallas Baptist University offers a concentration in Urban Ministry in the Master of Arts in Christian Ministry and the Master of Arts in Global Leadership through the Graduate School of Ministry. Completion of either degree, with the urban ministry concentration, will provide two of the courses for the Urban Church Leaders Certification. You would only be required to take Spiritual & Personal Development and Reading & Praying for your community to receive the certification.