We are here to assist churches in addressing the principles of biblical stewardship with the emphasis of achieving the ministry goals and objectives God has placed before you. We assist individuals and congregations to be faithful stewards of God’s resources in the task of Christian stewardship.

Church Finances

Church budgets can be complicated. Online tools are available to help set up or compare church budgets, and also for church treasurers to have a reference tool. We also have a Church Budget Template can be used to evaluate your current budget or to develop a new budget. A sample budget process is available. Learn more…

United We Build

United We Build is a 3-year program which helps churches raise money for purchasing land and building, often an expense that a church cannot afford without a special campaign. Learn more…


Stewardship Consultations

The staff of the Stewardship office is available to meet with individuals to assist in working on their personal budget and budget goals.

Church Budget Consultations

The staff of the Stewardship Office is available to work with Pastors and other church leaders to develop a stewardship program to meet needs of your church. Many times this means utilizing available resources. At other times it requires developing resources for a specific need.

Please contact Frank Palos for more information.

Church Stewardship Emphasis

Although stewardship should be part of the ongoing discipleship ministry of your church, periodically there is a need for a special emphasis. This is usually three to six weeks. All can be tailored to fit your unique needs to increase the stewardship level of your congregation.

Church Stewardship Resources

Teaching stewardship is an ongoing process that requires numerous methods. Providing printed reminders can be an important tool in this task. Brochures, bulletin inserts, devotion guides, books and PowerPoint presentations are available.

Money Management

The Bible is the primary resource for spiritual and practical guidance for faithful stewardship. We offer one seminar, Managing the Master’s Money, along with other Bible studies that will guide believers to discover stewardship principles.

Stewardship Resources

Stewardship is much broader than money management. Personal stewardship is really discipleship. It includes every aspect of the Christian life. It is important to understand that God is the owner of all creation. Our role is to manage His resources. We offer online and printed resources to assist in personal stewardship.

Financial Truth

This guide has been developed to help whose who have not been able to attend one of the seminars. However, it is also a good resource for those who have experienced the seminar, but wish further teaching and help with personal finances. The material is designed to be used in a small group study or by an individual.

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Children’s Bible Studies

Grades 1st-3rd

Grades 4th-6th


Teaching stewardship is an ongoing process and printed reminders can be an important tool in this task. Using brochures that give short, insightful messages will encourage your church members to think about the stewardship implications of their daily actions.

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was a man who had nothing and God gave him ten apples. He gave him the first three apples to eat. He gave him three more apples to trade for a shelter form the sun and rain. Learn more…

Dangerous Debt

The overly friendly cashier takes the merchandise and politely asks, “May I put this on your charge card?” It sounds very tempting, since we are not sure we have enough money for this purchase. Learn more…

The Image of God

In Matthew 22:17-21, Jesus was asked a very appropriate question. The Pharisees’ question was posed for the purpose of trapping Jesus in a response that would incite the crowds. Learn more…

Greed or Need

Herbert Goodman of Bremerton, Washington, died at the age of 90. Goodman worked as a janitor until just a few days before his death. Learn more…

Money is not the God of our Lives

The young man came to Jesus seeking the- answer to the most important question of life – “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” (Luke 18:18). Learn more…

Are Leftovers Good Enough for God

Even on a hot summer afternoon, rain is not always a welcome sight. When it is harvest time, there is the constant fear that the weather might cause the loss of the crop. The farmer knows the urgency of the harvest. Learn more…

Que es la Mayordomia

Learn more…

Que es el Diezmo

Learn more…

Habia Una Vez

Learn more…

Personal Finances

These worksheets have been designed to be used with the 10-70-20 Plan as developed and taught by the Stewardship Team of the Baptist General Convention of Texas. For a thorough explanation of the plan, see Financial Truth: Guiding Principles from God’s Word or Managing the Master’s Money.

Download the Family Budget Template in English or Spanish.