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Ministry Evangelism Resources help individuals learn how to be effective as they minister in Jesus’ Name. These resources are examples of wholistic ministries and resources that yield positive outcomes for the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


GPS breaks the process down into four distinct biblical markers that can help you coordinate efforts in your church with other across the continent. We invite you to imagine the possibilities. More »

Aha! Process

aha! Process offers a wide range of teacher professional development workshops, academic coaching, seminars and consulting for educators. More »

Bridges Out of Poverty

Bridges Out of Poverty is a book and an approach that helps employers, community organizations, social-service agencies, and individuals address poverty in a comprehensive way.
More »

Growing the Impact of the Church Through Serving the Community

Meet a church near our State Capitol that’s impacting their community through serving. More »

High Impact Events Manual

An evangelistic event is a tool that facilitates believers building relationships with unbelievers. Those relationships lead to people receiving Jesus Christ. New believers lead to church growth when proper follow-up is done. More »