Church baptizes 85 in Guadalupe River

BOERNE - The waters of the Guadalupe River stirred Aug. 17, gathering hundreds. Only this time, floating the river was the last thing on visitor's minds.

Nineteen:ten Church in Boerne baptized 85 people that day as roughly 350 witnesses lined the shore as part of the congregation's annual end of summer celebration.

Children, teens and adults entered the water for the ordinance. Fathers baptized sons. Husbands baptized wives. Bible study leaders got to see people they're discipling take a public step of faith. The event provided an opportunity for those who made the decisions during the church's various camps and outreach effort to follow up by being baptized.

Pastor Jason Brown confessed the scene felt like a scene directly from the Bible.

"It's really a beautiful setting," he said. "I can't help but picture the Jordan River looking a lot like that. I've never been there, but I've seen pictures though. You can almost see John the Baptist and all these people out there to be baptized."

Brown hopes baptism is a life event each of the people never forget.

"We try to make it really special for them to understand this is a special moment in your life," Brown said. "Take it in. Take it all in."

Marty Mosher, Texas Baptists church starter who has helped Nineteen:ten since it started, celebrated how God is changing lives through the congregation's ministry. Because it is deeply rooted in Christ, the gospel is transforming people. That's precisely what Mosher prays every Texas Baptist new church does.

"Regardless of the numbers, we're seeking to start churches that reach the unreached," he said. "Through outreach, we want them to get big enough to support themselves, make their own decisions and start other churches that in turn will reach more unreached people."

Brown thanks God for every person Nineteen:ten has had the opportunity to serve. Every profession of faith and every life changed reflects God's work in the area.

"It's just affirmation to us that this ground that we're plowing, we're starting to see fruit from it," he said.

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