Rebuilding West

Thanks to World Vision, building supplies have arrived in West, TX for the home of a West ISD Principal whose home was destroyed after the after the fertilizer plant explosion. The supplies have arrived at the build site, the foundation has been poured, and now it's time for skilled volunteers to pitch in and help this wonderful community servant and family get back into their home and resume a normal life.

Let the home build begin! We are calling for skilled and experienced volunteers to join with the Shalom Builders in making this home a reality. Will you join the Shalom Builders Network by registering here to help with this and other West projects?

World Vision, First Baptist Church West, and Texas Baptist Shalom Builders are partnering with a local contractor to expedite the home build for this most-deserving principal. Many thanks to Phyllis Freeman of World Vision and Phil Immicke, the Assistant Pastor at First Baptist West, for their support in getting the home builds to this point.

Thank You, Texas Baptist Volunteers!

Thursday, April 17th marks the one-year anniversary of the fertilizer plant explosion. Thanks to over 1,200 Texas Baptist volunteers, the cleanup and demolition phase of disaster recovery has come to an end, and the rebuilding of homes is now underway. More skilled and experienced volunteers are now needed to assist families in the rebuilding of their homes, many of which are uninsured or under-insured. First Baptist West has once again graciously volunteered to coordinate the construction of several homes, some belonging to FBCW members and some belonging to families which they helped during the cleanup and demolition phase of the disaster.

Additional projects have also been identified in West and can be accessed here. Your help is needed! Thanks so much for considering this opportunity to participate in the work of Texas Baptist Disaster Recovery.

Feel free to contact Gerald Davis by email at, or by phone at 214-924-6401 as soon as possible.

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