We Care Haiti

Partnership with Texas Baptist Disaster Recovery and Texas Baptist Men

How did it Begin? James Cundiff, a McKinney businessman and volunteer with Texas Baptist Men, was among the first responders to the Haitian earthquake in January 2010.

"We began to pray that God would provide food," recalled Cundiff, "And God was faithful. At first it was a few meals, then a few hundred meals, then thousands, then tens of thousands of meals. I realized then that God had a much bigger plan here than I did." James Cundiff founded We Care Haiti the next day.

What's Happening Now? We Care Haiti remains active, providing not only physical nourishment to the hungry of Haiti, but also sharing the Bread of Life through Vacation Bible Schools. Cundiff and his organization are especially burdened for Haiti's children, many of whom struggle to grow up without parents, malnourished and stalked by disease. Over 60 organizations, most of them orphanages, receive clean water, superior nutrition, and regular healthcare from We Care Haiti. Several construction projects are underway in the mountain community of Fond de Negres, building homes for the women and children left unsheltered.

Donald Jeffreys, Missions Pastor at Resurrection Church in Schertz, Texas, recently led a team from his congregation to partner with Cundiff's organization in Haiti. The harvest is white here, and Resurrection Church was blessed with the chance to send workers out into the field, not only planting seeds through feeding, medical, and cleanup projects, but also bringing in a healthy crop of new believers through evangelism at a local hospital.

Although nearly three years have passed since the initial catastrophe, Jeffreys recounted that "food and water are still big needs for the people there, and a lot of the very poor people didn't get the medical attention they need." Pastor Jeffreys also noted, with regret, that they were unable to meet need for dentistry expressed by national believers. "They're trying to build a community here," said Jeffreys, "so we can bring in food, tools, clothes for the kids…"

What Can I Do? From multivitamins to manpower, Haiti's needs are glaring and immediate. You can contribute through Texas Baptists Disaster Recovery at www.texasbaptists.org/give.

Teams like Resurrection Church will also continue to travel to Haiti throughout 2013 and into 2014. Contact Marla Bearden at marla.bearden@texasbaptists.org 214-828-5382 if you or your church is interested in joining us on any of these upcoming trips:

August 29 - September 5, 2013 September 29 - October 3, 2013 October 24-31, 2013 November 14-21, 2013 December 5-12, 2013 Call for 2014 dates

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