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When Ben de Leon picked up a drink in high school, little did he know that a few years later this would rule his life. When Darrell Bye took his first look at pornography, he had no clue that it would become a daily part of his life for the next 46 years. When Vicki Chapman’s daughter became an alcoholic, little did she know the pain she would experience the next 20 years as her daughter went in and out of rehab centers.

Each of these people has been profoundly affected by an addiction. Take a few minutes to watch their stories and see how Christ is bringing them freedom and healing as they are surrounded by communities of faith pouring out the love of Christ.


Addiction can tear apart a person’s life, but Christ followers and churches can take the steps to bring hope and healing. Join hosts Kaitlin Warrington and Liz Encinia as they visit with directors from three different ministries and efforts bringing restoration to those caught in addictions. Listen now »

Podcast guests: Trish Merrill, national director for Faith Partners, Inc.; John Pollard, director of the master of liberal arts program at Dallas Baptist University and a former south-central regional U.S. director for Celebrate Recovery; Morgan Malone, pastor of First Baptist Church in Bonham, TX; Lanny Joe Burnett, director of the Life Recovery Bible effort at First Baptist Church in Bonham, TX.

Hear these addiction ministers discuss how each of their ministries is carried out by the local church and how they have seen God heal and transform individuals with addictions through the efforts they lead. Learn how the smallest to the largest group of Christ followers can organize to spread hope to those with addictions, providing the community and help they need to move away from their hurts and habits to find freedom in Christ.


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