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Sports play a major role in our society. Evenings for families are filled with team practices and weekends are packed with games and tournaments at sports complexes near and far. One church noticed this and began ministering to athletes at the Dallas Cup soccer tournament with the simple act of handing out bottled water.

The church then turned its building into a hospitality center for the athletes and their families and served them anyway they could. Now it’s turned into 20 years of connecting with these athletes and numerous players began following Christ because of it. Will you join these churches in reaching out to athletes and their families?

For the love of the game

Bat? Check. Glove? Check. Cleats? Check. Batting glove? Check. Belt? Check. Socks? Check. Batting helmet? Check. Water bottle? Check. Are we green or blue jerseys today? Blue. Check. Snacks and games for little sister’s backpack? Check. Sunscreen and bug spray? Check. Directions to the tournament location? Check. Now we are ready to begin.

A family game, a family ministry

Coming from a large Hispanic family, we have always been involved with sports. Growing up with our 12 aunts and uncles, volleyball has been the sport of choice for the family. It has been a blessing for our family because it has allowed us to grow closer to one another and can be easily taught. Volleyball has been a great way to make new friends, build relationships and connect with strangers at the parks that we play at.

A kingdom of soccer players

For the past ten years, The Heights Baptist Church has enjoyed an on-going partnership in the Park Central Area of North Dallas. This area, as defined by The Heights, is located in the shadows of the Northwest quadrant of the High 5 interchange of I-635 and I-75. In this densely populated area, nearly 17,000 folks live in 40-plus apartment complexes. This area is 93 percent Hispanic and nearly the entire population falls below the poverty line.

A slam dunk for the Savior

It was a cool winter’s morning. The gym had been set for Upward Basketball and Cheerleading. The floors had been swept, the concession stands stocked and the empty seats awaited cheering families, friends and fans. The miracle that would occur that Saturday would all be worth it.


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