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The Texas Baptist Historical Society has established a series of Baptist history awards. These are made in five categories:

1. Churches with less than 500 resident members.
2. Churches with 500 to 1000 resident members.
3. Churches with over 1000 resident members.
4. General Texas Baptist and associational histories.
5. Unpublished papers about Texas Baptists.

Guidelines for the Annual Awards

1. Any church, association or individual may submit a manuscript or book for consideration. Five copies should be sent to the address given below for judging.
2. Awards are made for works published in the previous calendar year. Applications are due byJune 1st.
3. There is no limit as to the length of a manuscript or book.
4. Writers should follow a standard manual of style which includes documentation (footnotes).
5. A committee of three judges will review each entry.
6. Copies of all entries will be deposited in the Texas Baptist Historical Collection in Dallas and in the Texas Collection of Baylor University.
7. Manuscripts will be considered for publication in Texas Baptist History and books may be reviewed in this journal.
8. The subject must be Texas Baptist history. Topics may include the history of a church, association, institution, church music, or religious movements such as Haydenism, theological issues such as ordination, or a biography of a noted Baptist leader. Entries may deal with any type of Baptist group in Texas: Hispanic, African American, BMA, Primitive, German, Independent, Asian, etc.
9. Entries will be judged on the basis of accuracy, style, use of original sources, analytical skills and interpretation.
10. If the judges agree no entry is worthy of the award, none will be awarded.
11. Each participant will receive a year’s membership in the Texas Baptist Historical Society, including a subscription to Texas Baptist History.
12. Each award consists of $100, a year’s membership in the Texas Baptist Historical Society, and a certificate.


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