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Public Policy Issues

Public Policy Issues Biblical Insight. Principled Living. Criminal Justice Education Gambling Health & Long Term Care Immigration & the Border Sanctity of Human Life & Abortion Religious liberty human trafficking hunger & poverty Predatory/Payday Lending Foster Care

Christian Life Commission

Christian Life Commission Biblical Insight. Principled Living. The Christian Life Commission helps Texas Baptists apply their faith to life through Ethics, Public Policy and Community Ministry. The Bible serves as the foundation for the CLC's work. As the CLC addresses various ethical and policy issues, it does not speak for Texas...


Immigration The Bible says we are to treat people from other nations with honor and respect. It is helpful to remember the whole world belongs to God. People who cross national borders to flee from poverty and danger today are our neighbors even if not authorized to be here. Topics The Facts .topic { height: 0; padding-bottom: 100...

How to Be An Anti-Human Trafficking Advocate

By Tomi L. Grover, Ph.D. January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. In conjunction with this, advocates from across Texas are preparing to address their 85th session legislative representatives and senators on the issues pertaining to human trafficking.  According to the online Texas Legislature re...