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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Forward-thinking churches trust the Spirit to guide them as they plan for the future. Use these tools to plan and carry out the work of Christ in your church's sphere of influence. Resources Demographics and Statistics Annual Church Profile Back to Church Admin


Personnel Churches provide guidance and direction through personnel policies, job descriptions, and other resources, which support employees and volunteers living out their calling to serve God and others. Resources Ministerial Ethics Document Church Salary Reports Lifeway/Guidestone SBC Compensation Study Leadersh...

ISAAC Resources

Resources HOME ABOUT US FAQS RESOURCES DONATE CONTACT: Jesús Romero, Director 210-326-3273 7838 Barlite Blvd.San Antonio, Texas 78224 EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES Understanding Immigration in the United States: A Responsible Dialogue Publication from CLC – En...

CP Annual Report 2016

 2016 Annual Report Texas Baptists Cooperative Program Sending our hearts where our feet will never go Where Does It Go? MISSIONS (38%) 3,000+ Worldwide Missionaries 159 BSM Missionaries on 115 Campuses River Ministry/Mexico Texas Baptists Missionaries 463 Go Now Missionaries Texas Baptist Men Bounce (Student Disaster Recover...

Texas Baptists

November 12-14 • Waco, TX Registration is now open for messengers Register Now Read more about the 2017 Annual Meeting More than 1,200 of our congregations are located in the Gulf Coast area affected by Hurricane Harvey. To help our churches you can pray, give, partner or volunteer. Get involved Does your church nee...