Young Children Dressing Up As Professions

Have you stopped lately to notice the Shepherds around you? This month, we’ve been taking a look at the doctors, nurses, firefighters, police and other law enforcement officers who care for our communities. A few have shared their stories with us to help us better understand life for them. But now let’s get a little advice from the Shepherds or those who work with the Shepherds on ways to practically let them know we appreciate them and that Christ loves them. Full Story »


It is amazing that more than 2,000 years after the event, more than two billion people around the world will again remember a birth in an obscure village. Why? Full Story »

heart to care

On Thanksgiving week this year, God gave me both a blessing and a reminder. The blessing – God gave my wife and I something for which to be really thankful: our fourth child. Little number 4 was healthy and beautiful, and my wife and I were so happy to welcome him into the family. He was born on the Tuesday of that week, which meant we would spend the holiday in the hospital for recovery. The reminder – it was that there are a lot of people who have to work day or night, weekend or not, holiday or not to keep life going for the rest of us. Full Story »

Working and Worshipping

How precious are the holidays! Christmas especially is the day that we learn to cherish as children. At first we think about Santa Claus coming to bring us lots of presents, but as we mature, we learn that Christmas is the most honored day of the year since it is the birthday of Christ. We know that our Savior was born to a virgin and grew to give His life on a cross so that we could all spend eternity with God. Full Story »


When God stirred our hearts to focus more time and effort on caring for the police officers in our community, never did I think that so much would happen so quickly. Full Story »


When it comes to celebrating Christmas, most people or families have some sort of tradition they enjoy that is unique to them. It may be a certain menu or a specific time of sharing gifts or an annual Christmas Eve service observance. At the same time for those of us who are followers of Christ, there should some common themes that are a part of our Christmas. Here are two that I encourage you to put into practice this Christmas season. Full Story »


ARLINGTON – While sorting through clothes hung on a rack at Mission Arlington, a woman stops Niata Owens and asks for some help. She’s found clothes for her husband, but she’s having problems finding a shirt for her young daughter. Niata flashes a bright smile, darts off and returns quickly with several options for the lady the lady to pick from. Full Story »