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GEORGETOWN – Sharing of God’s faithfulness in the midst of many trials, Steve McCord stated, “We are not compelled but surrendered to Him who loved us with an everlasting love.” Full Story »


As he watched his three-year-old daughter, Rachel Beth, go from door to door in a small neighborhood in Laredo, Ryan Jespersen saw the love of Christ overflowing from her enjoyment of preaching to people that stopped to listen as she told them that Jesus loved them. Full Story »

Crawford Sign Blog

There are three things you might notice when driving into Crawford, Texas. Perhaps you’ll notice the billboard featuring George and Laura Bush, our most famous property owners. Perhaps you’ll notice the welcome sign from First Baptist Church, or perhaps you’ll notice the city limit sign, which reads, “Pop. 717.”

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the main thing

Jim Collins is known for a couple of different books, Good to Great, and Built to Last. However, there is another short little read he has called “How the Mighty Fall.” This particular volume talks about the rise and fall of really huge companies. Full Story »

hope house DR

Near the hills of Monte Plata in the Dominican Republic sit four brightly colored cottages in sherbet orange, sky blue, banana yellow and mint green. These cottages may look like any typical stucco, flat-roofed Dominican home, but from inside these cottages flows a river of hope and love. Full Story »


As the 12 Dominican children (11 boys and one girl ranging from about eight years old to 14) sat around the large dinner table at Betesda Children’s Home in La Romana, one-by-one they began to share what they want to be when they grow up.

A fireman. An architect. A chef. A pilot. An astronaut, baseball player, carpenter, engineer and teacher. And the answers went on and on. Full Story »

pastor rudy

At the young age of eight, Rudy de la Cruz went to a small Dominican village church with his mother. One night as he sat next to his mother and quietly listened, Pastor Alejandro shared about heaven and how those following Christ some day will be called up to heaven to be with Him. Full Story »