Drug use kills people, tens of thousands of them. Drug abuse obviously kills Americans, but the people I’m referring to here are not Americans, they are our neighbors to the south. When Americans buy and use drugs, they not only hurt themselves, they create deadly chaos in Mexico. Full Story »


AMARILLO – Hands in Service Ministries, with help from the Texas Baptist Missions Foundation, recently sent 45 tons of food to help alleviate hunger for impoverished people throughout large portions of Mexico. Full Story »

mexico violence

When I was growing up, I woke up early every day. Even now, I still wake up on my own most days. But every so often, I sleep until my alarm goes off. Those repeated sirens pierce the quiet comfort of my slumber and force me to make a wake up.

In much the same way as my alarm pushes me to decide whether to get out of bed or attempt to continue sleeping, the flow of media stories about drug cartel-related violence serve as alerts in my inbox and on my television screen. One of the most recent articles describes nine bodies hung from an overpass in Nuevo Laredo. Twenty-three total people were found dead. Full Story »